It is a time when danger lurks in the mists, when things long buried emerge from the depths of the forest, when ordinary folk may win fame and fortune with sword and spell, or perish unremarked. In short, it is as it has always been in the Mystwood... 

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MYSTWOOD is a Player Cooperation Live Action Role Playing (LARP) Game set in a fantastic version of the Middle Ages after the fall of the Roman Empire. LARP brings a story line to life, as a dedicated Staff play the monsters, villains, and "extra" roles, while the players become the heroes and heroines. Padded weapons, also known as boffers, are used to stage live, and fairly extreme combat, although strict safety rules are observed. There is room for all types of players- some enjoy boffer combat, while others prefer to engage in more intense role-playing. Participants of ages 14 and up are welcome. There are many high school age participants, but just as many college or middle aged players. The game maintains continuing plot lines, and there are many ways to advance your character. The game is played over multiple weekends each summer, with a new schedule posted each February. Events take place at several locations including an 80 acre site in Jefferson, Maine ("The Keep"), and a 40 acre LARP site in Harrison, Maine ("Burgundar"). However, some events take place away from these primary sites, at various locations around the state of Maine.

The Duke's eye has turned toward his holdings in the Mystwood- the Mystwood Keep and the village of Burgundar, and has offered a 25 crown reward for those brave enough to leave the more civilized regions of Navarre to colonize these places. The world of Mystwood shares some elements with the history and culture of Europe, such as the great empire of Rome that fell only a few hundred years ago. However, players will find many of the fantastic elements expected of Live Action Role-Playing, including powerful magics, terrifying monsters and other wonders.

It is an age of valor as well, when Knighthood beckons to the brave, and men and women alike may risk all in battle with sword and spell.

The people of Mystwood are not the mightiest heroes in the world. Rather, they are simple people, trying to make a living with their trade and find their fortune. But there is no doubt, after just a short time within the Keep, even a lowly beggar might be renowned as a brave warrior.

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