Requirements: Patronage. Must be approved by the Staff, based on art created in game prior to taking the Artist occupation.

Artists- true artists- are able to move people to emotions with merely a brush stroke, carved line, or well-placed word. The artists of Mystwood create jewelry, tapestries, paintings, fine carvings, engravings, songs, books and the like in order to enrich the lives and coffers of the folk around them. Where guild crafters and master thespians do these things for their living, and to make a wage, Artists do things for the sheer joy of creation, to bring praise to the gods, or to celebrate the world.


True artists can imbue their crafts with almost supernatural beauty. A character with Artistry may spend Craft Points from any Craft Skill they possess to embellish their created items with exceptional traits, as follows:

1 CP may be spent to imbue an item with an Air, Earth, Fire, or Water Component.

1 CP may be spent to attach a tag which reads: ‘Forsooth, upon your first time reading this tag and looking at this item, ‘Compel to stand in awe for a thirty count by Will’ as you are overcome by emotion.’

2 CP may be spent to add a Life or Death component.

2 CP may be spent for a tag reading: ‘Forsooth, upon your first time reading this tag and looking at this item: ‘Torment by Will’ as you are overcome by emotion.’

3 CP may be spent for a Karma or a Chaos component.

4 CP may be spent for a Time component.

Once the item is created, any Components attached may be removed from the item and used by characters with the appropriate skills, as normal.

Income (10)
You receive the indicated number of crown per Event. If purchased with Moonstones, each purchase grants of income of 5 (or +5) crown per Event.

Serene Contemplation
You must possess the Gift of Wisdom to use this skill. You may reduce the Mana cost of some spells, as long as you have not physically attacked someone with a weapon during the current day. Damage from spells and summoning is allowed.  Any spell which costs more than 2 Mana costs 1 less. For example, 4 Mana spells cost 3, while 3 Mana spells cost 2, etc.

one of Metalworking (4), Scribe (4)Sewing (4) or Woodworking (4)

and one of Commerce, Divine Lore, Engineering, Mage Lore, or Woodwise (see Skills)

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