Advanced Occupation: Free Holder



How to play: 

Suggested Trappings:

Requirements: You must obtain a grant of land in or near the Mystwood, either by purchase, rent, or reward for deeds. Alternately you may have been a Herds(wo)man and spend 200 Crowns to expand your herd.

Income: Reference the Guild Prices Sheet, they recommend prices that will allow you to make a fair profit with your components.


Production (12 Food + 4 Cloth + 2 Wood) - You are able to gather, harvest or otherwise obtain X components of the indicated type (for example “5 Metal”)

Weapon Skill (Flail) - You are able to use weapons of the indicated type, even if you do not have the Gifts normally required to do so, or it is a restricted weapon type (Flail, large shield, etc.)

Patronage (1) - Once per year you can sponsor (X) number of people into an advanced occupation, such as Philosopher, or Physician. This represents you using your influence and wealth to enable them to purse their studies rather than having to work for survival.

Woodworking (2)

Butcher - You receive 6 Butcher’s tags per event. Each time you role-play butchering an Animal (Must be unintelligent, not using weapons, speaking, etc.)you can activate one tag as either a ration of food, or one unit of cloth (hide). Only one person can butcher any given animal.

Woodwise You may read flags which give information such as the properties of plants, tracks, and the like.