Magistrates are often busy people. In the major cities of Navarre, the selection of jurors has devolved to an educated elite of folk, somewhat knowledgeable in the laws, or at least valued for their wisdom. These semi-professional Jurors combine legal experience with detective work, sticking their noses in where they are not always wanted.

Requirements: Must have been selected as a juror in a trial, successfully spoken on behalf of the accused and written a treatise on Navarran law, or Patronage.


Bardic Voice (2)

The plot skill Research is used between events, primarily to gain helpful information and clues about Chronicles. Research may also be used for information on magic items, monster abilities, affliction cures and crafting formulas. It cannot be used to improve the use of Gifts, or to create unique skills, occupations, or abilities.
To use Research, you must submit a Post Event Letter, where you may list a question or topic you are interested in, and optionally up to three books or scrolls where you plan to look for information.
At the next event you Preregister for, you will obtain a research scroll with your results. A research scroll is an in game, registered item that can be lost, stolen, changed, or simply revoked if it turns out that it causes problems to game balance. Players are encouraged to place their research scrolls into a library or similar repository, but are not required to.

Scribe (2)

Serene Contemplation

and any two of Commerce, Detect Health, Divine Lore, Engineering, Iron Will, Mage Lore, News & Rumors, or Woodwise