Advanced Occupation: Knight of the Realm



How to play: 

Suggested Trappings:

Requirements: You must be a Knight who has been granted a Fief by a noble or church.

Income: 50 Crowns (paid at check in)


Wear Armor (8) - Allows you to wear X armor points, which add to your hit points. In order to gain these hit points you must be actually wearing enough reasonably realistic looking armor to warrant it - see Armor.

Leadership (4)  Any wearing your colors. - You gain the ability to “Heal 2” X number of times per renew, to those under your command.   Note that the occupation description specifies who this applies to - others cannot voluntarily place themselves in your service to take advantage of this skill. You can do this by offering a few words of encouragement, threatening consequences, and so on, but you cannot use it when silenced, or when the person you wish to heal is unconscious (knocked out, reduced to zero hit points, etc.)

Livery (Your heraldry) - While wearing a certain type of costume, or the colors and Heraldry of your sponsor, you gain 1 extra hit point.

Patronage (3) - Once per year you can sponsor (X) number of people into an advanced occupation, such as Philosopher, or Master Surgeon. This represents you using your influence and wealth to enable them to purse their studies rather than having to work for survival.

Retainers (6) - A number (X) of loyal servants and retainers may wear your colors, gaining the “Livery” skill. If they already had the skill from their occupation this does not add any benefit.