Advanced Occupation: Knight Templar


How to play: 

Suggested Trappings:

Requirements: Training (500 Crowns) and Acceptance into the Templar order

Income: 20 Crowns (paid at check in)  You should also reference the Guild Prices Sheet, they recommend prices that will allow you to make a fair profit with your craft. Generally the more crafting points you have the more you can make.


Wear Armor (6) - Allows you to wear X armor points, which add to your hit points. In order to gain these hit points you must be actually wearing enough reasonably realistic looking armor to warrant it - see Armor.

Leadership (1) (Any non Knight) - You gain the ability to “Heal 2” X number of times per renew, to those under your command. Note that the occupation description specifies who this applies to - others cannot voluntarily place themselves in your service to take advantage of this skill. You can do this by offering a few words of encouragement, threatening consequences, and so on, but you cannot use it when silenced, or when the person you wish to heal is unconscious (knocked out, reduced to zero hit points, etc.)

Livery (Your heraldry) - While wearing a certain type of costume, or the colors and Heraldry of your sponsor, you gain 1 extra hit point. 

Scribe (4)

Research  This a plot skill - it has no effect during an event. However, in your Post Event survey you may list a question or topic you are interested in, and up to three books from the library you plan to look in for information on it. The Nine will then add information on that topic to those books, if its appropriate, and you can consult the books at the next game. No uses looking for information on Chaos Marauders in a book on Horticulture, generally.

Mage Lore - You are knowledgeable about magical effects and perils, and may read Mage Lore flags.

Battlemage - You may wear armor while casting spells.