Advanced Occupation- Litigant

Requirements: You must accuse a person of a crime on behalf of another, and then win an ensuing Judicial Combat. Once this has occurred three times, you may invest 50 crown on training and equipment and take this profession.

There are many occasions where a person has been wronged, but due to fear, inability to fight, or social standing, they are unable to make an accusation on their own. In Navarre there exists a profession of litigants, who, for pay, take up the role of accuser. Traditionally, litigants wear a red surcoat called the sendal, and are famed for being rough characters, their accusations and arguments more loud than learned.


Bardic Voice (2)

Battle Rage
Once per Day, you may spend a 60 count whipping yourself into a state where you are beyond pain and fear. Battle Rage lasts for 5 minutes. During this time you may call “Resist” against any one effect. In addition, you add 3 Hit Points to your maximum.

Once per Day, when you enter into a formal, single combat against a worthy foe (no use challenging rats), you “Renew” your abilities. However, you must have formally accepted your challenge, you must fight fairly, and you must fight to the death.

Livery (red surcoat)
While wearing a certain type of costume, or the colors and heraldry of your sponsor, you gain 1 extra Hit Point.

You add 1 to your maximum Hit Points. This is cumulative with any additional Hit Points from the Gifts of Courage or Prowess.

Unarmed Combat
Once per Renew, you may throw a packet at an opponent within melee reach and call “Subdue”. You may also call “Disengage” once per Renew.

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