Advanced Occupation: Master Thespian


How to play: 

Suggested Trappings:

Requirements: Patronage, must have had the Entertainer skill in previous occupation.

Income: 10 Crowns (paid at check in) Good entertainment is always needed, you may find employment with rich nobles, the Dukes Cup Tavern, or you could go into business for yourself and charge an admission fee to see your performance.


Entertainer - Jugglers, dancers, minstrels, thespians, even puppeteers, these are the superstars of the Known world. Their performances are often the high points of folk’s existence, especially in times of trouble. Once per day you may give a performance lasting at least 15 minutes. At the end of it you may call “Renew by voice”, and you also gain the ability to Renew up 6 different people present at your performance at a later time, even in combat. These must be used before you preform again.

News and Rumors - You receive a general write up of what is going on in Eastmarch at the start of each event, with a few extra rumors thrown in that may or may not be true.

Bardic Voice (6)

Research - This a plot skill - it has no effect during an event. However, in your Post Event survey you may list a question or topic you are interested in, and up to three books from the library you plan to look in for information on it. The Nine will then add information on that topic to those books, if its appropriate, and you can consult the books at the next game. No uses looking for information on Chaos Marauders in a book on Hortoculture, generally.

Scribe (2)