Advanced Occupation: Physician



How to play: 

Suggested Trappings:

Requirements: Patronage and 500 crowns in training.

Income: Reference the Guild Prices Sheet, they recommend prices that will allow you to make a fair profit with your craft. Generally the more crafting points you have the more you can make. The Curing of afflictions is also a vital service in any town and should be rewarded. It is fair to charge 3+ crowns for the curing of afflictions. Depending on the labor and components necessary to cure an affliction you may need to charge much more. 


Livery - Physician’s black Robes and cap or mask - While wearing a certain type of costume, or the colors and Heraldry of your sponsor, you gain 1 extra hit point.     

Apothecary (6) 

Medicine (2)- Gain X redraws on First Aid per renew.

Cure Affliction- You have sufficient basic medical knowledge to attempt to cure an affliction effect (curses, diseases, infections, taints, etc.). The cures known can be found within the Library. You should role-play the cure, expend any components required, and then state the name of the cure. As the person afflicted cannot tell you the name of their affliction, there is a bit of guesswork involved here. Fortunately, given the extensive medical texts available, virtually any affliction is curable. Eventually.

Research- This a plot skill - it has no effect during an event. However, in your Post Event survey you may list a question or topic you are interested in, and up to three books from the library you plan to look in for information on it. The Nine will then add information on that topic to those books, if its appropriate, and you can consult the books at the next game. No uses looking for information on Chaos Marauders in a book on Horticulture  generally.

Serene Contemplation- As long as you have not physically attacked someone with a weapon (spells and summoning are allowed) during the current day, you reduce the cost of casting spells. 3 Mana point spells cost only 2 points, 4 Mana spells cost only 3 mana points to cast, etc. One and two point spells are not affected. If you do not have the gift of Wisdom, this skill is useless.  

Occupational Spells - Some occupations have spells, a mix of hedge magic and true sorcery, that aid them in their work. You MAY NOT USE THESE SPELLS UNLESS YOU HAVE THE GIFT OF WISDOM. 

Cripple Limb
Bolt, 1 Mana
"Maim (Limb) by Magic"
Cauterizing Spark
Bolt, 1 Mana
"2 Damage by Fire"