Witch Hunter

In a land of sorcerers, necromancers and vampires, Witch Hunters are well respected individuals indeed, and greatly sought after.

Requirements: Writ from a lord to practice this occupation, 300 crown of training and equipment.


Bardic Voice (2)

Leadership (2, anyone under your command in battle)
You gain the ability to call “Heal 2 to ___ by Gesture”, X number of times per Renew. Note that the Occupation description specifies who this applies to- others cannot voluntarily place themselves in your service to take advantage of this skill. You can do this by offering a few words of encouragement, threatening consequences, and so on, but you cannot use it when suffering from the “Silence” effect, or when the person you wish to heal is unconscious. If purchased with Moonstones, the purchase provides Leadership (2). These followers must be linked to you in one of three ways: Those whom you employ, those who follow your Faith, or any other connection which is approved by the Staff.

Mage Lore
You are aware of spirit essences, invisible runes, ghostly presences, magical taints, etc. You may read Mage Lore Flags at will.

Occupational Spells
Some Occupations have spells which aid them in their work, a mix of hedge magic and true Sorcery. You may only use these spells if you have the Gift of Wisdom. See below.

The plot skill Research is used between events, primarily to gain helpful information and clues about Chronicles. Research may also be used for information on magic items, monster abilities, affliction cures and crafting formulas. It cannot be used to improve the use of Gifts, or to create unique skills, occupations, or abilities.

To use Research, you must submit a Post Event Letter, where you may list a question or topic you are interested in, and optionally up to three books or scrolls where you plan to look for information.

At the next event you Preregister for, you will obtain a research scroll with your results. A research scroll is an in game, registered item that can be lost, stolen, changed, or simply revoked if it turns out that it causes problems to game balance. Players are encouraged to place their research scrolls into a library or similar repository, but are not required to.

Set Trap
You can arm and re-arm traps, or move them and set them in new locations.

Slayer (Undead)
You gain the ability to call one “Special Attack” against each creature of the indicated type you encounter. When you have a creature in sight, but are not sure if it is actually of the proper sort, you may call “Detect (Type)”. You may not shout this, and can use this ability only to confirm that the monster is of the kind you slay, not to find hidden creatures. This skill may be used even without possessing a Gift which provides Special Attacks.

Wear Armor (4)
Allows you to wear X Armor Points, which add to your Hit Points. In order to gain these points, you must actually be wearing enough realistic looking armor to warrant it- see Armor. Purchasing this skill with Moonstones provides the ability to wear 1 Armor Point for each purchase, which stacks with your Occupation. A character with an Occupation which cannot wear armor would thus get Wear Armor (1), while a Town Guard would have a total of Wear Armor (4).

Occupational Spells

Find Fugitive
Voice, 1 Mana
“Detect Living”

Voice, 2 Mana
“By my Voice, Subdue by Will”

Bolt, 1 Mana
Up to three bolts of “Subdue by Will” or “Torment by Will” used within 5 minutes

 Transfix the Dead
Spray, 1 Mana
“Root Undead by Magic” x3

 Walk Unhindered
Spray, 1 Mana
“Purge Root” x3