Information For Parents of Children Wishing To Participate in a Mystwood Event

-FUN and SAFETY are our two major goals-


Live Action Role-Playing is an exciting and demanding activities that often brings great personal growth. The athletic challenge of sword fighting helps build fitness and often appeals to young people who don’t enjoy traditional sports.

Success requires practice, focus and discipline much like a traditional martial art. Most live action role-playing adventures require teamwork to overcome a variety of challenges not unlike “Outward Bound” activities.

There is also a great opportunity for social growth as people of a variety of ages and backgrounds come together in a way that is all too rare today. The need to create one’s costume and gear is a way to exercise artistic talents and craft skills. Every participant is valued for their contributions regardless of their age. Successes in a difficult battle, solving a complex puzzle, or leading others to victory are great self-esteem builders. Unlike computer gaming, live action role-playing takes place outdoors, has physical, social, and emotional benefits computers cannot provide.

Safety Concerns:

Like any contact sport, there are risks associated with live role-playing. Injuries are rare, but they do occur, almost always from falls in rough terrain. Good judgement in running and jumping is the most important safety skill.

The padded swords, properly constructed, are extremely safe. If your child trains at home you should be sure that they are following Mystwood safety standards for sword construction and for sparring. No blows to the head, no body contact, no pushing, wrestling, punching or kicking, no “baseball bat” type swings, and no more than 3 swings before a break. Sparring should take place on a level surface free from obstacles.

Following these rules will help keep your child safe as well as insuring that they properly prepared for Mystwood events.


Mystwood endeavors to provide a safe, supportive environment for all participants. No drugs or alcohol is allowed at any Mystwood event, and high standards of courtesy and safety are required.

However, Mystwood does not provide supervision of any sort and should not be thought of as a “camp” or daycare activity. It is primarily an adult organization. Young people that participate are expected to be mature enough to take care of themselves.

Age limits for Mystwood events are 14 years old minimum, and ultimately it is your responsibility as a parent to determine if your child is mature enough to participate safely. A good rule of thumb is “Would you be comfortable with your child spending a weekend camping with friends?” If the answer is yes, then they should be ready for Mystwood events.

It may be a good idea to accompany your child to an event. This will give you a better idea of what an event is like and is also a great family activity. Another alternative is to start with an afternoon of adventuring rather than a full weekend event. Mystwood makes it very easy to attend a partial event with our unique event schedule.