Special Occupation: Adventurer

Adventurer is a special Occupation. Many travelers that find their way to the Mystwood Keep start out as common adventurers, but soon find a productive role in the town. Anyone under the age of 18 may utilize this Occupation until they turn 18, when they must choose a different Occupation. New players of any age may have this Occupation until their third event, after which they must settle into a conventional role.


You have unusual flexibility, and are full of surprising maneuvers and flourishes. You may only use this skill when unarmored. You may call “Disengage” once per Renew. In addition, a number of times per Renew, you may “Resist” a Damage call from any single arrow, crossbow bolt, spell packet, or thrown weapon (basically anything that moves through the air). The number of Resists depends on your weaponry:

3 Resists: Armed only with a dagger, other hand free. 
2 Resists: Not using a shield, not using a two handed weapon.
1 Resists: Using a two handed weapon, a shield, or otherwise “encumbered” at your discretion.

 You are not afraid to loot the dead for items others would not wish to touch. Each event, you will receive 6 “Salvage” tags at check in. Under certain certain circumstances you may activate them, turning them into useful ingredients.

* You may activate one tag as Cloth, Food, or Metal Material when you loot at least 3 humanoid (not animals, spirits, undead, etc.) bodies.
* You may activate one Metal Material tag whenever you loot an armored person.
* You may activate one Cloth whenever you loot a person who is, in your opinion, well dressed.
* You may activate one tag of any type (Cloth, Food, Metal or Wood) when you pick through any kind of home, shop, or lair, as long as it contains at least few props such as furniture, pots and pans, etc. You cannot do this to locations in the town, as the stolen items would be missed.

Once you have activated a tag, you should check off the Material type, and stow the tag in a sack with various scraps and oddments. You shouldn’t scavenge from someone who has already been picked over by another.

Serene Contemplation
You must possess the Gift of Wisdom to use this skill. You may reduce the Mana cost of some spells, as long as you have not physically attacked someone with a weapon during the current day. Damage from spells and summoning is allowed. Any spell which costs more than 2 Mana costs 1 less. For example, 4 Mana spells cost 3, while 3 Mana spells cost 2, etc.

Wear Armor (2)
Allows you to wear X Armor Points, which add to your Hit Points. In order to gain these points, you must actually be wearing enough realistic looking armor to warrant it- see the Armor section.