Basic Occupation: Beggar 

The Beggars of Mystwood come in many forms, and some are not what they appear to be. Many are in fact “Beggar Thieves”, who steal laundry, pies from shop windows, and coins from pouches. Others are so called "Sturdy Beggars," who are not infirm or feeble at all, but rather stalwart individuals who make their living extorting protection money from others, or outright brigandage. But, of course, for every false beggar, there are a dozen of the truly poor and downtrodden, who are forced to seek bread and coin from generous folk.

The Beggars of Mystwood come in many forms, and some are not what they appear to be. Many are in fact Beggar Thieves, who steal laundry, pies from shop windows, or coins from pouches. Others are so called "Sturdy Beggars" who are not infirm or feeble at all, but rather stalwart individuals who make their living exhorting protection money from others, or outright brigandage. Some are experts in disguise, who gather information as well as making themselves appear mauled and diseased. Chaos cults flourish among the more wretched beggars, and agents of all sorts find it handy to be beneath the notice of others or to test the intentions of others. Most, however are simply folk fallen on hard times.

Mystwood is attractive to beggars during the summer months. While they do run a higher than normal chance of being eaten by monsters, they also can earn far more and may even make enough through adventuring to leave the occupation if they choose. Some find it too lucrative to do so however!

How to play: While beggars are generally played as somewhat comic roles, it is possible to play a perfectly serious character with some research, or play a character who is simply using the occupation as a "cover". Beggar's principle advantage is being "Beneath" everyone else, thus causing them to be ignored when other characters would be viewed with suspicion or even attacked. The downside of this is of course that you are unlikely to be the first choice for an adventuring party or to lead the defense of the town. This is particularly the case for beggars who are mad, or pretend to be. Beggar is also a good basic occupation for those who plan on criminal activities. "Thief" is not an occupation in Mystwood, so those planning on such things will need a cover occupation, and beggar is a good choice.

Suggested Trappings: Bowls, signs proclaiming your infirmities, sack for scavenging and holding belongings.

Income: Begging players and Non-player characters can be quite profitable.


You have unusual flexibility, and are full of surprising maneuvers and flourishes. You may only use this skill when unarmored. You may call “Disengage” once per Renew. In addition, a number of times per Renew, you may “Resist” a Damage call from any single arrow, crossbow bolt, spell packet, or thrown weapon (basically anything that moves through the air). The number of Resists depends on your weaponry:

3 Resists: Armed only with a dagger, other hand free. 
2 Resists: Not using a shield, not using a two handed weapon.
1 Resists: Using a two handed weapon, a shield, or otherwise “encumbered” at your discretion.

Livery (rags and patches) - While wearing a certain type of costume, or the colors and heraldry of your sponsor, you gain 1 extra Hit Point. 

Scavenging - You are not afraid to loot the dead for items others would not wish to touch. Each event, you will receive 6 “Salvage” tags at check in. Under certain certain circumstances you may activate them, turning them into useful ingredients. 

    • You may activate one tag as Cloth, Food, or Metal Material when you loot at least 3 humanoid (not animals, spirits, undead, etc.) bodies.
    • You may activate one Metal Material tag whenever you loot an armored person.
    • You may activate one Cloth whenever you loot a person who is, in your opinion, well dressed.
    • You may activate one tag of any type (Cloth, Food, Metal or Wood) when you pick through any kind of home, shop, or lair, as long as it contains at least few props such as furniture, pots and pans, etc. You cannot do this to locations in the town, as the stolen items would be missed.

Once you have activated a tag, you should check off the Material type, and stow the tag in a sack with various scraps and oddments. You shouldn’t scavenge from someone who has already been picked over by another.

Begging -  Many are the unwashed beggars who plague the towns and villages of Navarre. Some few are beggars blessed and able to thank their benefactors in mysterious and supernatural ways. A character who has Begging may, when given a donation, allow their benefactor to draw from a marble bag containing 3 white, 1 red, and 2 black marbles.

    • The draw of a black marble has no additional effect.
    • The draw of a white marble results in an immediate "Heal 1" effect for the benefactor.
    • Most valuable is the draw of a red marble, which results in the "Bestow 1 Karma" effect for the benefactor.

A character may draw from a Begging bag no more than once per Day.


Weapon Use (Staff) - You are able to use weapons of the indicated type, even if you do not have the Gifts normally required to do so, or it is a restricted weapon type.