Basic Occupation: Boatman

Description:  Most locations and settlements in the Mystwood are no more than a day or two's travel from the Rivers Elwash and Lucerin, major routes of trade for eastern Navarre. Boatmen are those sturdy folk who ensure that the Mystwood continues to receive the finished goods from the outside world, and that the raw materials gained from the vast forest are easily obtained by the rest of the Known World.

How to play: 

Suggested Trappings:

Income: 5 crowns paid at check in and any profit you can make selling your wares. 


Buy/Sell (10) - Even in peaceful times, Mystwood is a remote area, with few opportunities for commerce. Only the hardiest of peddlers and merchants will brave the treacherous roads through the forest. Even those who do come to the Mystwood will not be successful without a good knowledge of when and where goods are likely to be available, what reasonable prices are, and where buyers can be found with actual coin to spend.

The Buy/Sell skill represents this knowledge. You may use this skill once per Event, at a time of your choosing. Bring a list of items you want to buy or sell and the coin to do so to a Grey Wanderer, or go to the Staff operations building. This represents interaction with an off-board NPC merchant.

Production (1 Water) - You are able to gather, harvest or otherwise obtain Components or Materials of the indicated type between events (for example “5 Metal”). Your production will be provided to you at check in. You may need to advise the Staff at that time. 

News & Rumors - You receive a general write up of what is going on in Eastmarch at the start of each event, with a few extra rumors thrown in that may or may not be true.

Work Rhythm - You are used to long days of labor with oar, shovel, hammer, or pick, and have thus developed your own rhythms for working. This affords you a benefit in combat. When armed with a weapon of the following types, every third strike which successfully hits a weapon, shield, or your opponent may be called as "2 Crushing". If any of your strikes miss, you must start the three strikes over. Allowable types are One Handed Axe, Two Handed Axe, One Handed Blunt, Two Handed Blunt, Flail, or Tool. 

and one of: Cosmopolitan Connections - At check in, you may randomly roll on the following chart of goods, which represents a trip to Trieste or Tweaksbury between events. There, you either lucked into some wealth, or tried your hand at thievery.

2 Savagely beaten by street hooligans! -1 Maximum Hit Points for the next Day.

3 One unit of Air or Earth (roll a die, 1-3 Air, 4-6 Earth)
4 One Tool of character's choice (Cloth, Metal, or Wood)
5 1-2 units of Metal
6 1-2 units of Wood
7 1-2 units of Food
8 1-2 units of Cloth
9 1-2 units of Parchment
10 1d6 Crown
11 One unit of Fire or Water (roll a die, 1-3 Fire, 4-6 Water)
12 One item with Merchant Buy cost under 8 crown (player's choice), or one Chaos, Death or Life component
For units of Material (5-9), make a second roll of one die. On a 1-4, one unit is obtained. On a 5 or 6, two units are obtained.


Scavenging - You are not afraid to loot the dead for items others would not wish to touch. Each event, you will receive 6 “Salvage” tags at check in. Under certain certain circumstances you may activate them, turning them into useful ingredients. 

    •  You may activate one tag as Cloth, Food, or Metal Material when you loot at least 3 humanoid (not animals, spirits, undead, etc.) bodies.
    •  You may activate one Metal Material tag whenever you loot an armored person.
    •  You may activate one Cloth whenever you loot a person who is, in your opinion, well dressed.
    •  You may activate one tag of any type (Cloth, Food, Metal or Wood) when you pick through any kind of home, shop, or lair, as long as it contains at least few props such as furniture, pots and pans, etc. You cannot do this to locations in the town, as the stolen items would be missed.

Once you have activated a tag, you should check off the Material type, and stow the tag in a sack with various scraps and oddments. You shouldn’t scavenge from someone who has already been picked over by another.