Basic Occupation: Fortune Teller 

Description: The future is a riddle many seek to answer, and they are willing to pay handsomely for any clues to what lies ahead.   A successful court astrologer can earn tremendous wealth, and even village fortune tellers are quite well off.   Alas, seers are also viewed with great suspicion, which can make this career quite risky. The notion that they are all charlatans is sometimes bandied about, and more dire, some believe they make their predictions come true with dark sorcery. Above all therefore they must inspire trust, through their quick wits and excellent presentation. Those who are going to have their fortunes told expect that, regardless of whether their fortune comes true or not, they will have a good show. Many are nearly addicted to the services of fortune tellers, however vague or unreliable their predictions, and will not undertake any major adventure without consulting one.

The church takes a dim view of most fortune telling, holding that the only true method of seeing the future is through divine inspiration.   Some fortunetellers will therefore incorporate many religious themes into their method, striving for a “pure” approach. 

How to play: Being successful in this occupation requires a good routine – a knowledge of astronomy or Tarot is helpful but not required. What is needed is some reasonably well thought out method of telling fortunes, a good show, and a keen sense of observation and creativity in coming up with fortunes that are interesting but still likely to come true. During the game telling fortunes provides an excellent way of renewing other player's skills in exchange for coin, making the fortune teller a welcome addition to the village. Fortune tellers are naturally always interesting being actually able to see the future, either by discussion with magical creatures, or by learning secret information.

Suggested Trappings: Assorted fortune telling props, fantastical costume.

Income: 10 Crowns (paid at check in) You may also be able to earn money with your fortune telling skill and craft skill.


Fortune Telling - Three times per Day, you may tell another's fortune using cards, runes, etc. They must first cross your palm with silver, of course. This takes about 5-10 minutes, at the end of which you may “Renew” them. However, you must have certain cards, runes or the like that signifies very bad fortune. If that card/rune/etc. is drawn, you may not Renew them, and must instead say “I curse you to take double damage from all attacks in your next battle”. The odds of drawing the “bad” effect should be about one in ten.

Mage Lore - You are aware of spirit essences, invisible runes, ghostly presences, magical taints, etc. You may read Mage Lore Flags at will.

News & Rumors - You receive a general write up of what is going on in Eastmarch at the start of each event, with a few extra rumors thrown in that may or may not be true.

Serene Contemplation - You must possess the Gift of Wisdom to use this skill. You may reduce the Mana cost of some spells, as long as you have not physically attacked someone with a weapon during the current day. Damage from spells and summoning is allowed.  Any spell which costs more than 2 Mana costs 1 less. For example, 4 Mana spells cost 3, while 3 Mana spells cost 2, etc.

Bardic Voice (2) OR Scribe (2) - You possess the Bardic Voice/Scribe Craft Skill, and have a certain number of Craft Points per Day.