Basic Occupation: Gravedigger 

Description:  In a time where death can come at any moment, due to plague, famine, or violence, gravediggers have the solemn duty of burying those deceased. Due to their proximity to the dead, each gravedigger has their own unique methods of avoiding sickness or curse. Traditionally, a gravedigger wears dark colors, black in most cases, out of respect for the dead.

How to play: Dead monsters are not the concern of gravediggers.   They can sometimes be paid to drag brigands, chaos cultists and other dead humans of minor status to a shallow unmarked grave outside the town.   They really come into their own when a person of importance, friend or foe, perishes.   In this case the gravedigger may organize a funeral, offer to construct a grave marker, or at least ensure that they are buried deep enough that the wolves will not get them.   Everyone knows that the well buried are much less likely to rise and trouble the living, and grave diggers are swift to point this out.   Most importantly, the grave digger is expected to take the lead when undead are about, as they are considered their natural foe.   Because of their association with the dead gravediggers often face investigation from witch hunters when things go wrong.

Suggested Trappings: Some grave diggers prefer simple clothing suitable to their work that doesn't show the dirt.   Others cultivate a sinister image, with skulls, bones and sinister capes and such.   A shovel is nearly essential and woodworking tools for the construction of caskets and markers are desirable.


Engineering, Income (5), Occupational Spells (pg 95), Production (1 Death Component), Slayer (Undead), Weapon Specialization (Tool), Woodworking (2)


You understand the construction of buildings and structures, and can read Engineering flags. This may reveal hidden compartments, unstable walls, secret doors, and so on.


You receive the indicated number of crown per Event. If purchased with Moonstones, each purchase grants of income of 5 (or +5) crown per Event.

Occupational Spells                

Some Occupations have spells which aid them in their work, a mix of hedge magic and true Sorcery. You may only use these spells if you have the Gift of Wisdom. See page 95 in the rulebook for more information on Occupational Spells.   Spells are listed below.   You automatically gain all occupational spells when taking up that occupation, but lose them if you change to another.

Production  (One Death component)              

You are able to gather, harvest or otherwise obtain Components or Materials of the indicated type between events (for example “5 Metal”). Your production will be provided to you at check in. You may need to advise the Staff at that time.

Slayer (Undead)                         

You gain the ability to call one “Special Attack” against each creature of the indicated type you encounter. When you have a creature in sight, but are not sure if it is actually of the proper sort, you may call “Detect (Type)”. You may not shout this, and can use this ability only to confirm that the monster is of the kind you slay, not to find hidden creatures. This skill may be used even without possessing a Gift which provides Special attacks.

Weapon Specialization (Pick, Shovel or other tool) 

You gain one additional Special Attack per Renew with the indicated weapon type. You must have a Gift which provides Special Attacks to make use of this. 

Woodworking (2)

See the Rulebook for the items that can be made with this skill.

Hex against Accidents
Bolt, 2 Mana
“Bestow one Resist Crushing”
Quiet the Dead
Bolt, 2 Mana
“Paralyze Undead by Magic” 
Transfix the Dead
Spray, 1 Mana
“Root Undead by Magic” x3