Basic Occupation: Herder 

Description:  The staple of all communities are the herdsmen and women. They provide fresh meat and cloth for their fellows by nurturing a hearty flock. The creatures herded by these individuals vary considerably- while most herd sheep, goats or pigs, others herd more unique animals.

How to play: 

Suggested Trappings:

Income:  Reference the Guild Prices Sheet, they recommend prices that will allow you to make a fair profit with your components.


Pathfinding -  You can find your way to distant locations within the forest, navigating the many treacherous paths of the Mystwood. This is a “plot skill”- it does nothing during events, but if you submit a Post Event Letter within two weeks of the event, you may indicate 3 locations, in order of preference, that you would like to find your way to.

Examples could be “The ruins we visited where we found the six eyed hag”, “The goblin encampment I’ve heard rumors about”, “Any stone monolith”. You can also choose to search for certain monsters or persons- “A medusa” or “The bandit Chief Bolo the Red”. The success of your search is up to the Staff and depends on available time, how much information you have to guide your search, and how reasonable your goal is. In some cases you may gain some information but not actually locate anything. If you are successful, a Grey Wanderer will seek you out when it is time to journey to the adventure in question AT THE NEXT EVENT YOU ARE PREREGISTERED FOR. This is very important- unless you sign up for an event, no adventure will be planned.

Production (3 Cloth, 8 Food) - You are able to gather, harvest or otherwise obtain Components or Materials of the indicated type between events (for example “5 Metal”). Your production will be provided to you at check in. You may need to advise the Staff at that time. 

Wear Armor (1) - Allows you to wear X Armor Points, which add to your Hit Points. In order to gain these points, you must actually be wearing enough realistic looking armor to warrant it- see the Armor section on pg 18. Purchasing this skill with Moonstones provides the ability to wear 1 Armor Point for each purchase, which stacks with your Occupation. A character with an Occupation which cannot wear armor would thus get Wear Armor (1), while a Town Guard would have a total of Wear Armor (4).

Woodwise - You may read Flags marked Woodwise, which represents your ability to commune with nature, and see things others may miss.