Basic Occupation: Penitent 

Description: Penitents are the fanatics of the Church, usually former sinners, but sometimes merely those who are willing to accept great pain on behalf of those who sin and do not recant. They are often travelers, spreading their faith. Some turn to self-flagellation, whereas others try to embrace higher degrees of reason in order to spread their faith. Others still are rather quiet and keep to themselves, completing their spiritual journey alone. 

How to play: 

Suggested Trappings:

Income: The Penitent has no real means of income, they must survive on their share of the treasure from adventures. Sometimes a church official may reward you for your service to the faith, but you should not count on a having much coin.


Battle Rage- Once per Day, you may spend a 60 count whipping yourself into a state where you are beyond pain and fear. Battle Rage lasts for 5 minutes. During this time you may call “Resist” against any one effect. In addition, you add 3 Hit Points to your maximum. 

Blessed- You may use one Karma per Event, though you do not receive a tag for it and cannot save it for the future. See the Religion section.

Divine Lore- You know much of the lore of the gods, and of your own in particular. You may read Flags marked Divine Lore. If they are marked with the name of a god, however, you may read them only if it is the god you have chosen to worship.

Livery (icons of faith)- While wearing the costuming specified, you gain 1 extra Hit Point.

Weapon Specialization (Flail)- You gain one additional Special Attack per Renew with the indicated weapon type. You must have a Gift which provides Special Attacks to make use of this. 

Weapon Use (Flail)- You are able to use weapons of the indicated type, even if you do not have the Gifts normally required to do so, or it is a restricted weapon type.