Basic Occupation: Ratcatcher 


Description: In the realm of Navarre, ratcatching is serious business. Not only do rats and similar vermin spread disease and devour vital food supplies, when touched by Chaos they grow to enormous size and devour livestock, pets and children. At times great hordes of rats sweep across the land, overwhelming villages leaving only well gnawed bones behind. The common folk hate and fear rats, and the ratcatcher is thus a figure of both admiration and dread. While the service they provide is essential, they are often suspected of dark doings as well. Some are nothing short of unsung heroes, grim warriors who have emerged victorious from desperate battles in sewers and abandoned farms outnumbered ten to one by vermin. Others are scam artists who play on the fears of peasants, display few carcasses, and pocket handsome fees, moving on before the real danger emerges.

The methods used by Ratcatchers vary. Some are basically fighters who club their prey to death (regardless of size) or pick them off with missiles, often assisted by ferocious dogs or cats. Others rely on traps and poison. A few are spellcasters, who not only defend against vermin themselves, but also the vile sorceries of their chaos tainted kind.   The tale of the ratcatcher who, when not paid, lures away the children of the village is well known - spellcasting ratcatcher are particularly sought after and feared.

In the Mystwood, Ratcatchers also deal with the spiders who spin great webs from tree to tree and ambush travelers on the paths.

How to play: Those players who choose to play a Rat Catcher will find that it comes with many useful skills, particularly for those with a stealthy outlook. When rats, spiders, or traps are encountered, a rat catcher is a boon companion indeed. The downsides to becoming a rat catcher are several however - it is not a well paid profession, not producing anything readily saleable during a game, and also lacks any ability to renew oneself or others. Not to mention rat catchers are  seldom welcome in polite society.... A ratcatcher must thus be prepared to live by their wits, winning coin when they can and taking any opportunities that come their way, no matter how dirty, dangerous or questionable.

Suggested Trappings: Rat Catchers generally have a assorted weapons, traps, vials, and practical clothing, often none too clean. Wealthier ones sometimes adopt fanciful costumes, dressing as "Rat Knights" with elaborate tabards and crests. They find poisons useful, as well as items to resist poison, either their own in case of accidents, or those of the vermin.    

Income: Rat catchers are often hired by town magistrates during times of need.


Engineering - You understand the construction of buildings and structures, and can read Engineering flags. This may reveal hidden compartments, unstable walls, secret doors, and so on.

Livery (rats or rat symbols) - While wearing a certain type of costume, or the colors and heraldry of your sponsor, you gain 1 extra Hit Point. If you purchase Livery with Moonstones, it must strongly represent your occupation, and be approved by the Staff.

Occupational Spells - Some Occupations have spells which aid them in their work, a mix of hedge magic and true Sorcery. You may only use these spells if you have the Gift of Wisdom. See page 95 for more information on Occupational Spells.

Poisoner (2) - You possess the Poisoner Craft Skill, and have a certain number of Craft Points per Day. 

Set Trap - You can arm and re-arm traps, or move them and set them in new locations.

Slayer (Vermin) - You gain the ability to call one “Special Attack” against each creature of the indicated type you encounter. When you have a creature in sight, but are not sure if it is actually of the proper sort, you may call “Detect (Type)”. You may not shout this, and can use this ability only to confirm that the monster is of the kind you slay, not to find hidden creatures. This skill may be used even without possessing a Gift which provides Special Attacks.

Blast Vermin
Bolt, 1 Mana
“Five Damage to Vermin”
Escape Bonds
Bolt, 1 Mana
“Purge Bind”
Expose Vermin
Voice, 1 Mana
“Detect Vermin”
Hex against Accidents
Bolt, 2 Mana
“Bestow one Resist Crushing”
Smite Vermin
Voice, 2
“By my Voice, 1 Damage to Vermin”
Walk Unhindered
Spray, 1 Mana
“Purge Root” x3