Basic Occupation: Tavern Keeper 

Description: In the year 820, some 30 years ago, a vile chaos cult nearly brought down the duchy of Eastwick by distributing tainted wine at a series of festivals.  Many died as the vile spirits took effect. Since that time Brewing of any sort has been a closely guarded noble  monopoly carried out by licensed brewers. The drinks are then sold by Tavern Keepers who work at the Taverns owned by the Duke. Of course, no real Alcohol is allowed at any MASI event, but in the real middle ages strong drink served many important purposes. It was a way of storing food, as the "small beer" was literally liquid bread. It eased wounds and ailments, inspired warriors to feats of glory, and enlivened the existence of the common folk.

How to play: Tavern Keepers naturally spend a great deal of time hanging about the tavern serving drinks and talking to people. They are thus in a great position to gather information, and to distribute information as well.   They do have time for adventuring, and because their time spent minding the tavern renews their skills, (see - "Duty") they are usually prepared for anything. Taverns also serve food, which gives some ability to "buff" other characters. The price of drinks is set by the Duke and the money paid for them must be turned over to him, but tavern keeping can be very lucrative due to tips. When there are several tavern keepers they can share the duty of keeping the tavern open. There will likely be non player character tavern keepers about as well.

Suggested Trappings:

Income: Tavern keepers are hired by taverns for 10 Crown per event. You should also reference the Guild Prices Sheet, they recommend prices that will allow you to make a fair profit with your craft. Generally the more crafting points you have the more you can make.


Cooking (2) - You possess the Cooking Craft Skill, and have a certain number of Craft Points per Day. 

Drinks on the House - Once per Event, you may offer free drinks to up to 6 people. Theywill gain the “Renew” effect as normal.

Duty (minding the tavern, 1/day) - Some professions are humbler than others, and have tasks to perform that although necessary, may not be glamorous. However, when you fulfill a “shift” (15 to 30 minutes) of your Duty, you “Renew” your abilities. This skill is useable a limited number of times per Day, as noted in the Occupation.

News & Rumors - You receive a general write up of what is going on in Eastmarch at the start of each event, with a few extra rumors thrown in that may or may not be true.

Sell Drinks -  You may sell licensed ‘booze’ (usually actually soda, iced tea, etc.) of various sorts at the Tavern. These drinks have various effects, which you pronounce on the person buying them (usually “Renew”, but others are possible). Drinks may not be sold during battles. The game money paid for drinks must be returned to the NPC building, as all brewing is the exclusive privilege of the nobility in Mystwood.