Basic Occupation: Town Guard  

Description: The Town Guard is the only standing fighting force in the Mystwood. Usually numbering about 100-200 strong, the soldiers of the guard are spread very thinly throughout the area of the Mystwood, patrolling trails, watching river fords, and guarding fortified Way Houses. There may be as few as five in the area of the Keep (where the game takes place) at many times, though they can summon a score or so to aid them given time.

The Guard is commanded by a Captain, assisted by ten Corporals. Although most of the guard  is comprised of warriors, they also include various specialists, such as sorcerers and healers. The guard does not maintain its own logistical support, such as blacksmiths, relying instead on the inhabitants of the keep for those services.

The Guard is paid by the Duke, and officers take an oath of loyalty to that effect. They are a relatively new force, created after the Mystwood rose in rebellion six years ago. Before that they were not well organized. Since they are not answerable to the Barons of Eastmarch, they are a counterweight to the Baron's squires and common soldiers and a check on the ambition of great lords. They guard against incursions of monsters and chaos marauders from the east, defeating small incursions and providing warning of major attacks.   

Law enforcement is a secondary function for the guard. They track down outlaws and fight brigands quite often, as well as arresting those accused of crimes. They are empowered to levy certain small fines, but otherwise simply provide the force of arms to bind criminals by law in support of local magistrates. Much to the frustration of the Barons they are not required to enforce baronial decrees, or church laws for that matter.

The guard is not terribly picky about who they recruit. The life of a guard is hard however, with plain food, spartan barracks, long marches and active training. This weeds out the weak and corrupt in most cases.     

Mystwood's guard wear green tabards and carry the insignia of the white tree. A wide variety of weapons, the sweepings of the Duke's armory are used. Their armor is mostly patchwork, though more than common folk have access to. Officers typically have heraldry with some variation on these themes. Some are employed as scouts and are equipped more lightly. The Duchess in Waiting has recently taken an interest in the Guard, and more arms are in the offing, such as tower shields and crossbows.

How to play: Joining the guard is a good choice for a new player. The hood and tabard are provided, giving you access to a basic costume. As part of an armed force, the guard can always depend on some support in a serious conflict, and guard training gives you an edge in a fight, even for spellcasters and scouts. You can also expect to be on the front line of any battle. The pay is relatively good, and guard duty, while potentially a bit boring, will renew your skills. There are downsides as well of course – the guard obviously can't be part of shady doings!

Suggested Trappings: Armor, weapons and uniform can be provided.

Income: 5 Crowns (paid at check in) You may also earn a little extra from the Magistrate if many fines are collected.


Duty (guarding the town, 3/day) - Some professions are humbler than others, and have tasks to perform that although necessary, may not be glamorous. However, when you fulfill a “shift” (15 to 30 minutes) of your Duty, you “Renew” your abilities. This skill is useable a limited number of times per Day, as noted in the Occupation.

Livery (green and black Town Guard tabard) - While wearing a certain type of costume, or the colors and heraldry of your sponsor, you gain 1 extra Hit Point.

Warcaster - You may wear 1 Armor Point while casting spells. You must possess Wear Armor (1) or better to benefit from this skill.

Weapon Specialization (Any one Weapon Type) - You gain one additional Special Attack per Renew with the indicated weapon type. You must have a Gift which provides Special Attacks to make use of this. 

Weapon Use (Large Shield) - You are able to use weapons of the indicated type, even if you do not have the Gifts normally required to do so, or it is a restricted weapon type.

Wear Armor (3) - Allows you to wear X Armor Points, which add to your Hit Points. In order to gain these points, you must actually be wearing enough realistic looking armor to warrant it.