Character Advancement


Moonstones are tokens of achievement. They are given in recognition of deeds and in gratitude. The most holy of them are said to appear to those in great need of aid, to reward those who take up their quest. Others appear on the corpses of the most terrible monsters when they are slain. Most are made by mortals however, simple tokens of wood, bone or glass, given in honest praise to fellows. Regardless of source, they are still sacred.

It is a player’s responsibility to keep their own Moonstones until they are used- a special pouch (with your name in it so it can be returned to you if it is lost) is a good idea. Moonstones may never be stolen, sold, bought, or given between players. They can be only be earned or awarded as discussed in the rules.

Moonstones may be spent to increase the levels of your Gifts. The cost of a new level is equal to the new level in Moonstones. So if you are currently 9th level, it would take 10 Moonstones to advance to 10th level. You may choose any Gift to take your new level in. 10 Gamebucks are equal to 1 Moonstone. You may advance any number of levels at check in each event.

You may also spend Moonstones to purchase skills. See Skills for more details.


Attending Events

Simply coming to a Mystwood event gets you One Moonstone per chronicle you are playing. 

If you complete the Preregistration Survey, which can be found on the website andon the official Facebook Mystwood event, you will be awarded One Moonstone at check in. 

If you check in on Friday night, you will get an additional One Moonstone. 

Lastly, staying through Cleanup on Sunday will get you One Moonstone, for a potential total of Six Moonstones for attendance.

Fully Equipped

If you bring all of the following items with you to an event, you will be granted One Moonstone.

* Basic Costume
* Dark Colored (or Period) Shoes
* Personal light source
* Personal weapons (if needed)
* Personal spell packets (if needed)
* Easily identifiable mug or tankard
* Personal water
* Personal food (and potluck item if you intend to participate in the potluck)
* Sword ring or sheathe (if needed

Being a Hero

There are many in-game actions that may grant you Moonstones, a baker catering a wedding for a poor farmer at no cost may be worthy of a Moonstone reward. Often killing a great and powerful creature will earn you Moonstones. Fulfilling a quest, bringing justice, compassion, or mercy may be a way to earn Moonstones. These opportunities will present themselves in game, sometimes an opportunity will be well defined- other times you may be surprised.

Helping Out

You may obtain Moonstones at a rate of 10 Gamebucks per Moonstone. Gamebucks are described below, and often awarded for donations of props or time.

NPCing For Chronicles

By NPCing at least one Chronicle, you will be rewarded with 2 Moonstones. You should keep track of the time and make sure to arrive on time to your Chronicle. In addition to Moonstone, you will earn 5 crown for each Chronicle you NPC.

Post Event Letter (PEL)

After each event you may want to complete a Post Event Letter. The PEL will ask for a small summary of your experience at the event, and a few specific questions about your weekend. It should take 45 minutes or less to complete and you will earn 1 Moonstone. A link will be posted after each event.

Post Event Letters are one of the most useful tools the Staff have to improve the game. Many actions go unseen or unnoticed during the game, and the Staff does not see the action from the players' perspective. Post Event Letters also serve as a record of the game, allowing the Staff to keep track of what plots and stories are developing, and what the players know and don’t know.

Completing the PEL also allows you to use Occupation-related Plot skills for between event actions. For example, a character with Pathfinding may be able to locate a hidden trail between events so that it can be visited the next time, setting up a future adventure. Or, a character with Research might look for the secret weakness of the Vampire Lord who is attacking the town in a library book about the Undead.

Post Event Letters are always helpful, but will only result in a Moonstone, Pathfinding results, or Research if they are completed within 2 weeks after the end of an event.

You may fill out a Post Event Letter here.


Seneschals are players who help the Staff in many ways. They are experts on the rules, as proven by passing a quiz, and have proven themselves helpful in setup and game logistics. Seneschals must be willing and able to perform a few different helpful tasks.

One, Seneschals must be on site for check in to help with Setup, OR, must stay until the end of Cleanup.

Two, Seneschals must be able to help other players with rules questions, whether by knowing the rules thoroughly, or by knowing where to find the rule in the rulebook.

Three, Seneschals must be willing to help the Staff in specific ways, usually by helping with certain plots, alerting Chronicles of player needs, and the like. This can potentially cause a Seneschal to have secret information which their PC would not otherwise have. Seneschals are trusted not to misuse this information.

Lastly, because the Staff and other NPCs can't be everywhere, to see all the awesome roleplaying players do, Seneschals may be entrusted with one or more Moonstones. They are allowed to give these rewards to their fellow PCs when those players do things which, in the Seneschal's judgment, deserve reward. Such Moonstones are strictly tracked to prevent favoritism.

To become a Seneschal you must be approved by the Staff. Seneschals are rewarded with one Moonstone or 5 crown per Event.

Skill Tokens

Skill tokens are a type of limited Moonstone, useable only for a single specific Ordinary or Craft skill. For example, you might pay a swordsmith to train you in Metalworking, a traveling teacher might teach Serene Contemplation lessons, or a weathered standing stone in the middle of the forest might allow you to meditate and discover an unusual skill not otherwise found in game. Skills may be learned through any combination of Moonstones and Skill Tokens, so Pathfinding, a 10 Moonstone skill, might be learned with 10 Moonstones, 10 Skill Tokens, or a combination.

During an event, characters may obtain Skill Tokens from any other character, player or nonplayer, who possesses the Instruction skill according to the rules for that skill.

Between events, any character may purchase Skill Tokens for any rulebook skill which is not listed as “Unavailable” at a rate of 20 crown per Skill Token. This is generally considered in game as going outside the Mystwood, such as to Tweaksbury, and there hiring a professional teacher, and tends to be more expensive than in-game learning.


Gamebucks are the game's way of saying “thank you” to those who do the hard work to make it happen. There is a tremendous array of props and supplies, labor and cleanup, needed to make an event happen. No game could ever hope to PAY people to do all this- or events would cost $100+ per weekend. Instead, this is done by volunteers, who are rewarded with “Gamebucks”.

What Are Gamebucks Good For?

Feats of Legend
Feats vary in cost and represent amazing and heroic one use skills a player may have. See Feats for details.

Any number of Moonstones may be purchased, at a cost of 10 Gamebucks per Moonstone.

100 Gamebucks will allow you to resurrect a character from the dead- though there is usually an adventure involved. This will require the approval of the Staff- some characters may not be able to be resurrected. 


At the end of each event, there is a huge amount of cleanup to do to preserve the site. Each job is worth a certain number of Gamebucks, which are shared by the players that do the job. If you do it alone, you get all the Gamebucks!

 Needful Things
A list of “Needful Things” is maintained on the forum. These are props that would improve the game- if you can make or purchase them, you can donate them for Gamebucks. Spell packets are almost always needed, as are snacks and water for Staff and players alike.

New Players
New players are always sought to help the game grow and expand and become even better than before. There is a 20 Gamebuck bonus for bringing a new person to the game, whether they PC or NPC for the weekend. 

You can earn Gamebucks for Mystwood by NPCing at an “allied” game which we have made arrangements with. This helps every LARP have enough NPCs to run a fun game. Generally an NPC is paid 15 Gamebucks a weekend.

Unusual Circumstances
Gamebucks are often awarded to people willing to give a stranded PC or NPC a ride to an event, or run similar errands.

Work Days
The game holds many work days to improve the site, make props, etc. Helping out at these is worth 10 Gamebucks per hour. A list of upcoming work days can always be found on the Mystwood Facebook page.