Creating a Mystwood Character 

Creating a Mystwood Character

Player characters are adventurers- individuals who possess Gifts useful times of danger and intrigue. It is encouraged that every participant in Mystwood create a player character (or even more than one). Even members of the Staff may have player characters. Your character is your persona in Mystwood. Like an actor in a movie, by portraying your character well, you will add to the enjoyment of those around you. Some people like to create very elaborate characters, with all sorts of roleplaying traits, an elaborate back story,and highly detailed persona. Others prefer to create a simple character that is basically their “real” self with a sword. There is no “correct” option, and players should free to build the character they desire, subject to these rules.

You must choose a name for your character, and fill out a character sheet that will be kept by the Staff. It is a good idea to keep a copy for yourself as well.

Each event you attend will afford you opportunities to gain Moonstones through a variety of sources. These Moonstones are used to improve your character, whether by buying additional Gifts or by purchasing individual skills. For more information on Moonstones, Advancement.

Creating a Second or Third Mystwood Character

All new characters are created identically to a player’s initial character- 5 levels of Gifts, 6 with a character history.

Items, Karma, Occupation and coins NEVER transfer, while unspent Moonstones and Gamebucks DO. Secondary characters may hail from distant lands, like Thule, Cathay, Rothenburg, etc. This will not give you an advantage in the game, but it allow for a little more diversity.


1. Gifts

2. Occupation

3. Advantages and Disadvantages (Optional)

4. Religion (Optional)

5. Character History (Optional)

Plus: Character Advancement

Basic Information

Starting Hit Points
, or Non-Combatant

Weapon Use
Regardless of Gifts chosen, you are able to use any one handed weapon or crossbows.

You may pick 5 levels of Gifts, 6 if you submit a public character history.

You must choose an Occupation for your character, such as Squire, Monk, Astrologer, Town Guard, or Peddler. Your Occupation will give you certain skills- abilities mostly useful to aid and strengthen yourself and other characters, “Renew” your skills, and develop your Gifts. Your Occupation gives you a role in the world, something that will make your character useful to others and stand out.

You are allowed to change your Occupation once per year, so if you are one of eight cooks in town, for example, you are not stuck in that Occupation forever. In addition, you do not HAVE to choose an Occupation for your first event- you can pick one later if you like.

One critical note: Your ability to wear Armor to gain extra Hit Points largely depends on your Occupation. If you have a suit of armor, and wish to wear it at Mystwood, choose an occupation that uses armor, such as Squire or Town Guard.

If you like, you may customize your character by taking advantages and disadvantages. You may choose up to 4 points of Advantages in return for the same number of Disadvantages.  These often (but not always) represent some supernatural element in your character’s history- a bit of Fae heritage, a family curse or bond to a certain element, a touch of Chaos, or the blood bond of a vampire. You may, if you wish, wait and choose these later on at any point in your character’s career. You may also change them, if you can justify the change based on events during the game and the Staff agree. Advantages and Disadvantages taken later can be based on your adventures and mishaps, or on your character discovering more about their heritage and powers.

There are three gods to choose from: Justice, Mercy and Wild. They each give specific Karma abilities and have certain rituals which must be followed and sins to be avoided. In game, there is no “correct” option for worship of a god, no god, or paying simple respect (or disrespect!) to all three gods.

If you do choose to follow a deity, make special note of the duties and sins of the god. You may choose to change or omit a total of two Sins, Rituals, or Duties from the list. Once you have chosen a deity, and modified their duties and sins, you may not change again unless something extraordinary happens in your character’s life. This must be approved by the Staff.

If you worship one of the three gods, you also have the “Follower of Justice”, “Follower of Mercy”, or “Follower of Wild” Trait.

Character Background

Once you have chosen your basic Gifts, you may want to think about how your character developed those Gifts. You should examine the Mystwood background and geography. All first characters are from the villages, towns and castles of Eastmarch near the Mystwood- you may not play a “dark wanderer from beyond the sea” or the like for your first character. If you write a “Public History” and provide it to Staff, you may choose an extra level of Gifts, thus starting at 6th Level.

Your public history is what people from your home area would know about you. Mystwood is a world of small, close knit communities, and you would be well known “back home”. You should read only the histories of those who are from your own home barony. In this way, you will have some connection to other characters, but will also be able to discover more about other characters by interacting with them during games. Finally, your public history is your chance to add interesting stories and details to the world of Mystwood. The Staff reserve the right to edit public histories, but they are unlikely to do so unless one is somehow very inappropriate. Your history should be rated PG-13 at most- avoid rape, graphic torture and other such nastiness.

You may also write a “private history” for yourself detailing the darkest and most secret details of your character’s past. This is primarily for your enjoyment and roleplaying only, and should never be shared except during game. Different chapters and different Triads may make use of your public or private histories, but this is not guaranteed.