Once you have chosen your basic gifts, you may want to think about how your character developed those gifts. You should examine the Mystwood background and geography available online. All starting characters are from the villages, towns and castles of Eastmarch near the Mystwood- you may not play a “dark wanderer from beyond the sea” or the like for your first character. If you write a “Public History” and post it in the Mystwood Background section of the Mystwood forum, you may choose an extra level of gifts, starting at 6th Level!

Your public history is what people from your home area would know about you. Mystwood is a world of small, close knit communities, and you would be well known “back home”. You should read only the histories of those who are from your own home town. In this way you will have some connection to other characters, but will also be able to discover more about other characters by interacting with them during games. Finally, your public history is your chance to add interesting stories and details to the world of

Mystwood. The Nine reserve the right to edit public histories, but they are unlikely to do so unless one is somehow very inappropriate. Your history should be rated PG-13 at most- avoid rape, graphic torture and other such nastiness.

You may also write a “Private history” for yourself detailing the darkest and most secret details of your character’s past. But this is for your enjoyment and role-playing only and should never be shared except during game. 

Visit the community forum to post your character history in the appropriate location.