Every person in the world of Mystwood has some Gifts. Your character begins as a talented, but not extraordinary person. You may choose up to 5 levels of Gifts. If you choose to write a public Character History you will gain an additional Gift level for a total of 6.

These are your character’s core abilities. Do you fight? Wield magic? Heal others? Your Gifts are your most directly useful abilities during the game. There are six Gifts with ten “Levels” each. You could choose to take 5th Level in Courage, or 3rd in Courage and 2nd in Dexterity, or 1st level in Prowess, Wisdom, Courage, Dexterity and Empathy, or whatever else you wish. Over the course of time you can increase your Gifts.

The Six Gifts

The Gift of Courage increases your constitution, resolve, resistance to fear, and tolerance for pain. With this Gift, you will gain the ability to triumph over adversity. You will be more durable in combat, and less dependent on healing from others. You may use large, unsubtle weapons requiring strength and bravery.

The Gift of Dexterity grants you quick wits and nimbleness. You may or may not be agile (that really depends on what you, the player, are capable of) but your coordination allows you to perform prodigious feats.

This gives you the kindness and compassion to help those who are wounded, whether with magic, a few encouraging words, mundane bandaging, or a kick in the pants.

Characters with the gift of Passion are often called “summoners” or “elementalists”. They are able to channel naturally occurring elemental energy through themselves into damaging bolts, bursts, and storms.

Prowess is a Gift that thrives in the heart of battle. Warriors with this Gift have a natural talent for weapons, and the strength to challenge their enemies head on.

The Gift of Wisdom is based on knowledge and understanding of the Mystwood world, which unlocks the power of magic. A character with this Gift can rely on powerful spells, unleashed with a mere gesture, and can counter the spells of others.