Below, you will find the list of Basic and Advanced Occupations, along with the skills you gain for each one. You may choose any Basic Occupation when you start the game.

Changing your Occupation

You may change your Occupation once per year. You may change from one Basic Occupation to another freely. It is up to you to justify the change in your character.

IMPORTANT: When you change from one Occupation to another, you lose all skills from the previous Occupation, and immediately gain all skills from the new Occupation. This may strike some as odd, but think about it this way- most of the skills require specialized tools, lots of time to use them, contacts, etc. For example, consider a blacksmith who joins the Town Guard. It’s not that she suddenly forgets how to make swords, but rather that she doesn’t have the time any more with her new duties, or the kinship with the fire spirits, and she probably sold her tools to buy armor and weapons as a member of the Guard. A character may choose to learn many of the skills they possessed in a previous Occupation with Moonstones, if desired.

Advanced Occupations

You may change from a basic Occupation to an advanced Occupation using your once per year change ONLY when the Staff agree that you have met the entry requirements. For example, the “Dragon Slayer” Occupation requires that you defeat three great monsters. What constitutes “defeating” exactly is up to the Staff- it’s probably not being one of six people who surrounded a minotaur before beating it to death, but it probably would include being the person who organized the ambush that led to the minotaur’s demise. You should make it abundantly clear that you are pursuing an Advanced Occupation through your roleplaying, trappings, and Post Event Letters.

Some Advanced Occupations require that you pay a sum of money for training and tools as well.

You may always change from an Advanced Occupation back to a basic one if you prefer. Subject to the requirements above, you may change from one Advanced Occupation to another.

Achieving Game Goals

Sometimes, you will gain certain advantages or possessions which would seem connected directly to an Occupation. You might somehow inherit a mine, the Duke might knight you, or you might be elected Magistrate. You may choose to take on those Advanced Occupations if you like, but you do not have to, and can reap the in-game, social benefits of the position without the actual Occupation (and its mechanical benefits) to go with it.

Basic Occupations

Advanced Occupations