Mystwood Chapters

Mystwood Jefferson Chapter - THE CHRONICLES OF THE KEEP

The first Mystwood chapter, Mystwood Jefferson runs events at the 80 acre Maine Adventure Society Inc. site in Jefferson, Maine. The first event took place in fall 2011, and since then it has continued to run exceptional games gathering crowds of up to 70 players. The Chronicles of the Keep are run jointly by Board Member Dylan Sirois and veteran LARP director Truax McFarland. As it is the first chapter, it takes place at the Mystwood Keep, in the heart of the Mystwood. But the forest is grand, and there are endless possibilities for other locations.

Contact Information:
45 Stonewall Road
Jefferson, ME 
Phone: (207) 441-9219

Mystwood Harrison Chapter - THE CHRONICLES OF BURGUNDAR

Mystwood Harrison is in the center of a 40 acre forest set in the charming woods of Southwestern Maine. The Chronicles of Burgundar take place in a small, newly refounded village that borders the kingdom of Burgundy. Burgundar was founded by Norse peoples, and their cultures conflicted to such an extent that Burgundy gifted the territory surrounding the village to the Duke of Eastmarch... or so the story goes.  The village lies in the southern region of the Mystwood; an untamed land full of beasts, outlaws, hidden ruins and treasure. A call is out for adventurers to help drive back encroaching evil and settle the lands.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to assist with the construction of the site, or want to help spread the word about this exciting new LARP adventure site.

Contact Information:
45 Upton Road
Harrison, ME
Phone: (207) 370-2217

*Currently there are two active Mystwood gaming chapters, however, if you are interested in starting your own chapter, visit the Helping Out page for more information.