Cooking (x)

Few in the Mystwood starve, due to the abundance of Magrel Wurzzle, a sort of a starchy cross between a potato and a turnip that grows quickly in the rich forest soil. Even beggars often appear quite well fed. However, Magrel Wurzzle has no nutrition value what so ever, and does not “stick to the ribs”. Thus the people of Mystwood eagerly seek food of other kinds, and a good meal before an adventure may mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Although a cook has some latitude as how “Medieval” they wish to be in their craft, obviously modern food and packaging should be avoided. “Going to Eat Mangrel Wurzzle” is the polite way of saying “I’m off to eat my tasty chips and subway out of game”.  

The chart to the right tells you everything you are able to make if you are skilled in this craft. To learn how Crafting works in Mystwood click HERE.