Crafting in Mystwood 

Craft skills are not used during adventures as often, but allow you to make or improve items useful to yourself or other players. All craft skills use “Craft points” to determine how often you can use your abilities. So for example “Metalworking (4)” means that you have 4 craft points to use each day (the Mystwood day begins and ends at 6 PM). 

While characters do not have very many craft points, you can create workshops that will give you extra craft points. Any number of people can use a workshop, which must be set up with appropriate props.

All craft skills require that you do your best to actually practice the craft skill in question, within the limits of safety and practicality. At the very least you should read up on how the craft was practiced in the middle ages and engage in appropriate role-playing. Whenever practical, actual practice of the craft is strongly encouraged. You will only be able to advance to higher levels of skill by developing your real life abilities in that craft. How long it takes to use craft abilities is up to you, but in most cases anything less than 5 minutes per craft point is cheezy.

Immediate effects are powers you may use at any time. An example of an Immediate effect would be a smith’s ability to sharpen a weapon.

Enhancements are one use, but last until used. You must write the effect on a material tag, and must do actual crafting in order to activate it. You then give the tag to the person whose gear you have enhanced. The enhancement is applied to a person’s gear - they must have the type of item in question, and must be wearing/using it when they use the enhancement. So using a “Reinforced Breastplate” requires you to be wearing a breastplate, of course! An item may only have one Enhancement on it at a time. Enhancements are game items and can be stolen. The new owner must then apply them to their props or store them in a box if they do not have an appropriate piece of gear.

Tools have no game effect but are useful in making workshops and when collaborating between crafters. They can represent permanent tools like hammers or refined materials like nails.

Some skills allow you to award moonstones to others in recognition of their deeds. This is a solemn responsibility, and miss using it (for example awarding them to your friends when their actions don’t warrant it, awarding them to others with the understanding that they will do the same for you, etc.) is serious breach of the spirit of the game. 

Most all enhancements have a value shown right on the crafting chart, as well as some services, however some things are difficult to price and are marked with "???" you may be able to make some money from them, but not necessarily.

There will be several crafting bins throughout the town where you can deposit the components and either use a pre maid tag, or write out a blank one.

There are nine different types of Crafting in the game of Mystwood: