The Mystwood Economy  

The Town Economy

Everyone will have an Occupation in the town, and thus something to contribute. Some Occupations are paid at check in, other occupations harvest Materials to sell, and still others must rely on the inhabitants of the town to purchase their skills. The economy should sustain itself with limited interaction by the Staff.

Accumulation of wealth will be slightly inflated to demonstrate the time in between events.

Typical Cost of Goods and Services

Here is a short list of typical goods and services, to give you an idea of what money is worth. Many things that are fairly cheap today (clothing for example) are more expensive relatively, because they must be handmade. Prices fluctuate considerably, howeve, in today’s terms, think of a crown as about $3.50.


      • A mug of water, watered wine or poor beer 1 crown
      • Enough porridge and mangelwurzel for a day 2-4 crown
      • A live chicken (1-2 units of Food if butchered) 2-4 crown
      • A unit of Metal or Wood 3 crown
      • Curing an Affliction 3+ crown
      • A good, (Hearty) meal 4 crown
      • A mug of good ale (“Renew” effect) 5 crown
      • A night at a good inn 5 crown
      • Sending a Swift Letter 5+ crown
      • Silver and glass jewelry 5-25 crown
      • New clothing (most people own only one set) 10-50 crown
      • A laborer’s wages for a week 15-20 crown
      • A live pig (6-15 units of Food if butchered) 15-40 crown
      • Hiring a teacher for a short session 20 crown
      • Gold jewelry 20+ crown
      • A skilled craftsman's wages for a week 30-40 crown
      • A live cow (12-40 units of Food if butchered) 30-80 crown
      • A serf’s life savings 50 crown
      • Lease of one acre of good farming land 100+ crown
      • Gold jewelry with cut gems 100+ crown
      • Training for an extremely difficult skill, or at a University 300+ crown
      • A new suit of plate armor 800+ crown
      • A prosperous farm (quite rare in the Mystwood) 1,000+ crown


How do you make your coin?

Goods and Services

And what will you spend it on? 


How things are made.