Weapons in Mystwood

There are many types of weapons a warrior can use each with its strengths and weaknesses. Weapons should be constructed according to the guidelines specified HERE. You may also choose to purchase pre-made weapons. Never let a lack of weapons stop you from coming to an event, we have plenty of spare weapons that we would be happy to lend you. On the charts below please note the weapon lengths (as they will be checked by staff) and the Special Attacks. Special Attacks are particularly powerful blows a skilled warrior can make a limited number of times based on their gifts and occupational skills. 

Any character may use a single, one handed weapon of up to 42” in length
Any character may use a two handed crossbow

Depending on your Gifts and possibly occupational skills you may be able to use more advanced weapons. Your character is assumed to be armed with weapons suitable to you at the start of game. If you somehow lose your weapons (or armor) it is assumed that you can find more without much difficulty. 

Close Combat:

Weapon: One handed Sword
Length Requirements: 24”- 42”
Special Attack: 
Lethal, Maim

Weapon: Two Handed Sword
Length Requirements: 36” - 60”
Special Attack: 
Lethal, Maim

Weapon: One handed Blunt Weapon (Mace, Hammer)
Length Requirements: 18”- 36” 
Special Attack: 3 Crushing, Subdue

Weapon: Two handed Blunt Weapon (Mace, Hammer)
Length Requirements: 30" - 54"
Special Attack: 5 Crushing, Subdue

Weapon: One handed Axe
Length Requirements: 18" - 36"
Special Attack: 4 Damage, Maim

Weapon: Two handed Axe
Length Requirements: 30" - 60"
Special Attack: 6
 Damage, Maim

Weapon: Dagger
Length Requirements: 18" - 22"
Special Attack: Doom

Weapon: Spear
Length Requirements: 48" - 72"
Special Attack: Lethal

Weapon: Polearm
Length Requirements: 60" - 72"
Special Attack: Maim, 3 Damage

Weapon: Staff
Length Requirements: 48" - 66"
Special Attack:Subdue, Trip

Weapon: Flail (requires special skill to use)
Length Requirements: 32"-54"
Special Attack: 2 Crushing

Weapon: Pick Shovel, and other tools
Length Requirements: 24"-60"
Special Attack: 2 Damage, Subdue

Ranged Weapons:
Weapon: Bow (See Below)
Length Requirements: 24”- 36”
Special Attack: 

Weapon: Crossbow (See Below)
Length Requirements: 20” - 40”
Special Attack: 

Weapon: Hand Crossbow (See Below)
Length Requirements: 16" or less
Special Attack: Lethal

Weapon: Small Throwing Weapons
Length Requirements: 12" or less
Special Attack: 
2 Damage

Weapon: Javelins
Length Requirements: 24" - 36”
Special Attack: 

Bows - Bows are simulated using padded weapons curved into a bow shape. They can be used to block attacks (but not strike), but if they do so they are damaged and may not be used to fire arrows for the duration of the current battle. The arrows are presented by bird seed packets much like spells and other effects. However, no effect is called for an ordinary shot and all players should know that all arrows do 2 points of damage per hit unless something else is called.   

Unlike crossbow bolts, arrows are consumed when they are fired. They must be made, purchased or found in game and come in sets of 10. You must carry them in a quiver of some kind, and must properly roleplay firing them. You must rip up the arrow tag when you fill your quiver. Thus the bow is more of a secondary weapon than the crossbow, since arrows are more precious. 

Crossbows - Powerful and deadly, the crossbow is a popular weapon among the common folk of Mystwood. Indeed, some Knights have sought to outlaw it due to its killing power. Any bolt fired from a two handed crossbow does 3 points of damage automatically as long as it is at least 8” long. It is not necessary to call this damage. Tiny darts fired from hand crossbows do only 1 however.

Any crossbow struck by a melee weapon is damaged and useless for the duration of the current battle. They are best used from a distance.

You may only carry 12 crossbow bolts at a time, however you may retrieve them and use them as often as desired.   

Hand Crossbows - Small, easily carried, and dangerous when skillfully used, hand crossbows normally fire nerf darts or similar projectiles. These do only 1 point of damage, however there is no limit to how many you can carry, and hand crossbows are not damaged if struck by a melee weapon.


Shields are the only "weapons" that are totally useless and must be dropped if they suffer the Shatter effect. After the battle you may, however, pick up your shield and use it in future battles. It is assumed that there are a plentiful amount of shields around or that you are skilled enough to repair your shield. All shields must have a padded rim and no sharp or otherwise dangerous projections. 

Weapon: Shield 
Length Requirements: Maximum 36” Diameter
Special Attack: None

Weapon: Large Shield (requires special skill to use)
Length Requirements: No Maximum Size 
Special Attack: None