Many effects have Traits, which tell you WHAT caused the effect, or HOW it was caused. They are called as “Effect by Trait.” For example: “Root by Magic” “Slay living by Poison” or “Disengage by Will.” Traits do not change the effect in any way, but may determine if you able to resist the effect in some way. For example if your character is immune to poison, you would call “No Effect” to “Paralyze by Poison,” but not to “Paralyze by Magic.”

Flavor Traits
Traits also help you to know how to role-play the effect. These are referred to as “Flavor Traits.” The Following traits are used in Mystwood; By Fire/Water/Air/Earth, by Magic, by Will, and by Poison. Effects without traits are generally divine powers making them more difficult to deal with. For example, consider Paralyze, which states that you cannot move. This effect could be interpreted differently for role-play purposes depending on the trait that caused it:

“Paralyze by Will” would indicate that your character was frozen in place in panic and horror. You would stand in place quaking or gaping until the effect wore off.

“Paralyze by Magic” would indicate that you were basically frozen in place as a magical statue. You would hold your exact posture from the moment the effect struck you.

“Paralyze by Poison” would be an effect like spider’s venom. You may, for example, curl up into a ball.

Flavor Traits also tell you if you are affected by something. If an effect is called “To” a certain trait, you take the effect only if you have that trait. For example “Heal to Dwarfs” would work only if you were, in fact, a Dwarf.

All players have the “Chosen of the Book” trait,  and “Mortal” as a trait.   You have the “Oathbreaker” trait if you have ever broken an oath sworn by a God. You have the “Enemy” trait if you consider yourself an enemy of the person calling the effect. You have the “Ally” trait if you consider yourself a friend, (or at least fighting on the same side) as the person calling the effect.     You also have your name, whatever name you put on your character sheet.   You are required to use your true name unless you have the Alias Advantage.

Delivery Traits

By Gesture - Effects “By Gesture” only require that the person point at you to call the effect. If you are fortunate enough to have a “by gesture” effect, be aware that it will not work on enemies who can’t see you - in other words you must have their attention. The best way to get it is to use their game name (you may not use real life names). In fact, many forms of magic require that you know the target’s name.

By Packet - Effect by bean bag packets represent magical assaults that envelope your whole person. They affect you if they strike a weapon or shield. Again, all beanbag attacks are assumed to be “By Packet.” You don’t have to call them.

By Voice - Effects called “By Voice” affect EVERYONE who hears them (or should have- the fact that you were not paying attention doesn’t mean you weren’t affected if everyone around you was). You cannot “stop up your ears” or “talk really loud” to avoid this kind of effect.

By Name - Effects called “By Name” require that the person say (and know) your name to call the effect.   Any name you use will work – if your nickname is “Axe Biter” that works just as well as “John the Gamekeeper”.   Occupations or trades, by which many introduce themselves (“I'm the Juggler”) will NOT work.   See the Alias advantage however.

By Weapon - Effects by weapon represent a physical attack-a dart, a sword, a knife, a fist, etc. They must strike you in order to take effect, and they CAN be blocked by weapons or shields. If you swing a weapon and call and effect, it is assumed to be “By Weapon”; you do not have to say it every time. If someone throws a packet and calls and effect “By Weapon” you CAN block it with a shield.

Magestrike - Effects that are “Magestrike” are swung with a weapon, but count as though a packet had struck you on the location hit. They WILL go through your armor, weapon or shield.