*Make sure to preregister before 6:00pm on the Wednesday prior to the event.

*Submit your PEL within two weeks of the event you are submitting for. 

What to Expect at a Mystwood LARP Event

Event Schedule

Full weekend events generally begin Friday night around 9:00pm, and end Sunday afternoon around 3:00pm. Mystwood is uniquely built, so that if you can only attend part of the event, you can pay a reduced entry fee and will (most likely) not miss out on the whole story line. It is a good idea to arrive early to your first event and let the staff know you are attending, so someone can show you around, as the sites are quite large.

Weekend Event Schedule

      • Friday Evening (6:00pm- 9:00pm) Check-in, set up, registration, and transportation of gear
      • Friday Night (9:00pm- 12:00am) Adventure Time
      • Saturday Morning (10:00am- 11:00am) Adventure Time
      • Saturday Day (11:00am- 4:00pm) Chronicle A
      • Saturday Evening (4:00pm- 7:00pm) Adventure Time + Dinner
      • Saturday Night (7:00pm- 12:00am) Chronicle B
      • Sunday Day (10:00am- 2:00pm) Chronicle C
      • Sunday Afternoon (2:00pm- 3:00pm) Clean Up

The saga of Mystwood is divided into Chronicles which may last one, two or three years. Each Chronicle is directed by a “Triad” of three game masters, the permanent Staff of Mystwood. It is intended that Triads may retire after completing their Chronicle, perhaps creating their own characters, and new Triads come forward to continue the saga. Each Triad is independently responsible for their Chronicle, but together comprise the game’s senior staff, the staff. Any decision which affects the chapter as a whole requires the assent of five of the staff.

A typical Mystwood event is divided into Chronicles and Adventure Time. During Chronicle Time, events unfold quickly and are all focused on a single story. Adventure Time, by contrast, is devoted to small events not essential to any particular story, such as small group quests, roleplaying within the town, the practice of occupations and the pursuit of waystones.

There are several Chronicles operating at any given time at a Mystwood chapter. This ensures that there are a several story lines for players to become involved in, and players have a good chance of seeing at least a few of them through to the end. A Chronicle may focus on roleplaying, combat, adventure, or some mixture of each. It is hoped that the variety of Chronicles will enable those who cannot commit to full weekends of live roleplaying to still enjoy a complete storyline. Players may also choose to act as Non-Player Characters for one or two Chronicles, thereby enriching the game with a larger cast of characters.

If you would like to become part of a Triad, or run your own Chronicle, please contact the current Staff. If your proposal is not chosen feel free to submit it again next year. You may also submit more than one proposal if you wish, however, you will never run two Chronicles at the same time.


Mystwood provides little to no food for players, so if you plan to stay the whole weekend, you will want to pack a lunch or two, breakfasts, and snacks. There is often a Pot luck dinner (out of game) Saturday night, if you plan to participate PLEASE bring an item to share. 


Anyone attending an overnight event should be aware that most Mystwood events take place at wilderness campgrounds- you will need your own tent, sleeping gear, food, sensible shoes, bug spray, sunscreen, and water at a minimum. Some players choose to return home during the overnight period.

Gear and Equipment

You generally do not need to worry about costumes, foam swords, spell packets or the like for your first few events as Mystwood is happy to loan such items to new members. However, as you travel deeper into the hobby you will need to acquire your own items.


You should be at least somewhat familiar with the rules of Mystwood, although you do not need to memorize them by any means. If you are going to NPC, all that you need is a knowledge of the Core Rules.


Everyone needs to sign a waiver yearly, which is available in the back of this rulebook, online, and at game check-in. Those under 18 must have it signed by a parent in advance, those 18+ can sign their own at check-in.

Pricing Guide

For the Adventurer:

 An adventurer is a player who has developed a character using the process illustrated on this website. They will take part in all aspects of the game from role-playing to combat, and they will be the dominant forces in all quests and adventures. There is a wide range of pricing options for adventurers mainly tied to the schedule of the event. 

Each "Chronicle" costs $15.00, and "Adventure Time" is free as long as you participate in at least one Chronicle. For the first Chronicle you NPC (fulfilling a staff role) you will be rewarded with TWO Moonstones (xp)  and Five Crowns (in game money). The most affordable and advantageous option is playing two Chronicles, and NPCing one, for a cost of $30.00. That gives you a great deal of playing time and some extra coin and Moonstones to upgrade your character.


  • Your first time at Mystwood as a player is FREE. We do ask that you NPC at least one Chronicle.
  • If you have not played Mystwood in more than one Calendar year, your return event is FREE.  We do ask that you NPC at least one Chronicle.
  • "Families" of two or more related people (partners, parent and children, etc) who share finances recieve a 33.3% discount for Chronicle costs.

Pay for A Standard Event via Paypal!

The Keep

Burgundar - Harrison

Burgundar is a seasonal outdoor site for LARP games, backcountry camping, weddings, music events, and more. At Burgundar, a Norse inspired village is the main feature, and is a natural center of  fun and role-play. Resting deeply in an 80 acre forest, the village is inviting, private and teems with potential for high immersion and extraordinary adventure. The sites adventure area consists of 10 acres of woods subtly ringed by red flagging tape. This allows players to shrug off the well beaten path and charge into the unfamiliar territory without inhibition. 


MASI - Jefferson

Mystwood in Jefferson is sponsored by The Maine Adventure Society inc. (MASI). MASI was founded in the early 90's and has sponsored countless games over the last twenty years. It was started by Peter L. McFarland and his son Truax McFarland. With the help of many, a site was created on their 80 acre plot of forest featuring many rustic structures, a palisade wall and several gates. 

The Maine Adventure Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to sponsoring extreme Role-Playing, aka Live Action Role-Playing  (LARP) and adventure of all sorts in the state of Maine. For more information check out our website below.