Feats are special abilities that let you do things your characters are normally incapable of doing. Feats are purchased using gamebucks, which can be earned by doing things for the game or helping the MASI camp. You can use a maximum of 3 feats per event.  Feats are best thought of as chances for heroic roleplaying, and best used when the moment is right, rather than planning on them.

Battle Thirst (10 Gamebucks) - You may use this feat when you are reduced to Zero Hit Points, or take the Lethal effect. You cry “Battle Thirst” and fight on until you take a TOTAL amount of damage equal to twice your ordinary Hit Points.   However, at the end of the combat you fall down unstable as your wounds catch up with you.

Blather (5 Gamebucks) - To use this feat, you utter a string of nonsense. If someone makes the mistake of replying to you, even by saying “what?!” you may call “Subdue by Will” against them, as they are stunned by your gibbering.

Cabbage to the head (5 Gamebucks) – you may throw an ordinary object and call “Knockout”.

Desperation (5 Gamebucks) - You may use this feat to wield a weapon in a single combat, without having the ability needed to use it.

Dragging down the blade (5 Gamebucks).    You may call “Bladeturn Disarm” when you are lethaled or reduced to zero hit point.

Drunken Mayhem (10 Gamebucks) - You fight better when well lubricated with strong spirits. Of course no real alcohol is allowed at any MASI event for safety reasons, but roleplaying can partly take its place.
Three times you can lurch forward to impale a foe, calling “Lethal.”

Flee (5 Gamebucks) - As long as you are running away from your enemies you can call “Resist” against any melee attack. You can’t use any abilities and must run towards safety, not away. You can’t resist spells or missiles. You may also call “disengage” at will as you run away. Can’t be used while wearing more than 1 point of armor.

Armored For War (5 Gamebucks) - For a single mission or battle, you may strap on any armor you can find and get Armor Points for it, even if you are normally not able to wear armor.    

Got Better (10 Gamebucks) - Allows you to negate any one affliction through roleplaying. You should use this ability only when an affliction is interfering with your enjoyment of the game. Its poor form to throw yourself into a bad situation knowing you can use this feat to get out of it.

Laughter is the Best Medicine (5 Gamebucks) - If you can make someone laugh, you can call a “Heal” effect on them. This must be reasonably spontaneous - if they’re not in a laughing mood don’t push it. Also note that the unconscious can’t laugh.

One More Spell (5 Gamebucks)- Often a mage runs out of Mana at just the wrong time! You can use this feat to cast just one more cantrip, costing up to 3 Mana. However, you must figure out a way you could tap into just a little more magical might.

Smite (5 Gamebucks) - Allows you to call “Five Crushing” on one blow with a weapon held in two hands.

Strike Hard (5 Gamebucks) - Allows you to use a one handed weapon two handed and swing three “Four Damage” blows.

Sunder the Shield (5 Gamebucks) - Allows you to call “Shatter” on one swing.

Taunt (5 Gamebucks) - To use this feat, you must engage a foe in an insult match. After they have gotten worked up, you may call “Frenzy at me by Will”, sending them into a rage and forcing them to attack you, and possibly their friends on the way to you. You may only use this one someone who has shouted insults BACK at you, and whom you feel you have gotten the better of.

To Die a Hero’s Death (20 Gamebucks) – A great hero may choose to forsake the blessings of the Book of Life, instead fighting on beyond mortal wounds.  You may only use this feat when you are fairly certain you won't survive, and you want to go out with a bang. Activating this feat means the death of your character is certain- you will die of your wounds when the battle is over. NOTHING will save you after this, and your character is irreversibly dead.

As long as this feat is in effect, you cannot be permanently killed by anything. You can be knocked down by damage, but after 1 minute you rise up fully healed and with your skills renewed.  You may Purge any effect that does not directly kill you after three seconds of roleplaying. Your weapons cannot be stolen. You may get knocked down up to three times- after that, even you just can't keep going.

The Twin Threat (5 Gamebucks) - Allows you to use a second weapon in your off hand, for one combat. You also gain a free “lethal” strike with the off hand weapon. Hey , it works great in the movies.

Unencumbered (15 Gamebucks) - Sometimes speed is more important than armor. By divesting yourself of all armor, surplus gear, extra weapons, and other encumbrance, you can move like the wind. You gain the ability to call “resist” against three  weapon attacks, spell packets, or missiles, OR you can use the “Flee!” feat in place of a resist.   You must roleplay dodging and weaving each time you use the resist.

You Shall Not Pass (5 Gamebucks) - You take up a strong defensive position, but you may not leave it for at least 5 minutes. Doing so heals your wounds.

Against the Odds (15 Gamebucks) - You may only use this feat when outnumbered three to one in combat and fighting alone. It gives you two free special attacks against each foe you face.   You may also call “Disengage” three times during the combat.

An Encouraging Word (10 Gamebucks) - This feat allows you to inspire a single individual, before or during battle. Allows you to call “Heal and Renew to (name of your friend)” This cannot be shouted.

Heroic Example (30 Gamebucks) – By plunging forward in the face of overwhelming odds, uttering a defiant speech, pledging to do great deeds, or offering heroic rewards to others, you may call a “Renew Allies by Voice”.

Vigil (30 Gamebucks) - By spending half an hour before a battle in intense prayer and meditation, you can invoke the favor of the divine for your combat. You may, after appropriate prayers and invocations, call “Heal Allies by voice” once. Must be faithful to a deity.