Our Mission

    • To provide a high quality Live Action Role Playing experience, at the lowest cost possible. 
    • To create a realistic world where you might really feel like you have gone back in time to the Middle Ages, or are on the set of a fantasy movie, with all of the highest quality costumes and props.
    • To accommodate those who may not seem like a good fit for LARP – those new to LARP, non-gamers, people with families or who cannot take a full weekend, etc.
    • To create a supportive, family-like community where everyone is welcomed and appreciated, regardless of race, religion, gender, party affiliation, age or sexual orientation.
    • To push the envelope of “LARP design”, not so much in the areas of rules, plot or sfx, but in creating a world that is interactive, interconnected, and immersive, with many things to do and entertain.

Meet theMystwood Board of Directors

Bob Dunham, President and Game Master- Burgundar

The President of the Mystwood Board,Bob Dunham is a 20 year veteran of LARPing, cutting his teeth long ago in a LARP not that far away. Moving from a player of Mystwood, to a board member, to the President of the Board, Bob has steadily attempted to improve the quality of Mystwood through standardization, logistics, and organization. 

Bob's passion for LARP, medieval history, and fantasy come together in his attempts to improve the verisimilitude of Mystwood in ways that might not be immediately obvious to the player at an event, but which allow players and characters to pursue any goal in the context of the world.

Bob is one of two Game Masters at the Burgundar Chapter, along with Rob Owens, below.

Dylan  Sirois, Vice President and Game Master- The Keep

The Vice President of the Board, Dylan Sirois is a Graduate from the University of Maine with a degree in Secondary Education and History. He became involved with the Maine Adventure Society in 2009. After an immersive experience, he had the urge to create his own game.

It is his hope that Mystwood will expand the hobby to those who would not initially see themselves as "LARPers" by running an affordable, exciting, and inclusive game. Dylan's interest in history and education have driven him towards the creation of an immersive medieval world where anyone can aspire to Knighthood and be the hero that saves the day. 

Dylan is one of two Game Masters at the Keep Chapter, along with Truax McFarland, below.

Noah Hersom

Noah is co-owner of the Burgundar LARP Venue, former co-Game Master of the Burgundar Chapter, and creator and director of the 'Pearls of Asura' LARP production. He is a graduate from the University of Southern Maine with a degree in Communications, Media Studies, Writing and Video/Audio Production. Fantastic adventures in the woods with friends is a childhood dream that he is realizing through this hobby.

Noah hopes to help guide Mystwood to its full potential by encouraging and rewarding great role play and storytelling using Mystwood’s setting, rules and lore.


David Sirois

Coming soon!

Brandin Turner

Brandin, a veteran LARPer of 20 plus years, has had the pleasure of spending countless weekends with friends in the woods of Maine and beyond. His favorite things are telling good stories, helping fellow players through complicated obstacles, resuscitating failed plots and luring players in with interesting food combinations. He has enjoyed Mystwood from the perspective of a player, chronicle runner and board member, embracing each of these roles with a desire for players (including himself) to maximize their enjoyment!
When he isn’t in the field with his fellow LARPers, Brandin works with children and families to recognize their potential in the field of mental health treatment services as a case manager and substance abuse counselor. In his additional spare time he joins his family of 4 children and his lovely wife, Heather in their varied interests, every day working to embrace and teach a philosophy very fitting for LARP- “Have fun, and play on.”

And our Game Masters

Rob Owens, Game Master-Burgundar

Rob Owens has been LARPing for 5 years, Mystwood being his first game. Rob spent his first year as a player at the Keep, and jumped on the opportunity to give back to the community by staffing at Burgundar. He has helped grow that location, focusing on making the world feel more fleshed out and real.

This year Rob has stepped up to the Game Master position, working along side Bob Dunham. Rob's love for LARP and the community of people in Maine are what drives him to help make Mystwood a growing and engaging game for everyone. He strives to make the world of Mystwood a world that while fantastical, flows realistically.

Truax McFarland, Game Master-The Keep

Truax has been a Live Action role player for twenty seven years. His game game design credits include Stalkers Way, Exile, Roanoke, Dreamquest, Monsters and Mayhem, and (with Dylan Sirois) the majority of the mechanics behind Mystwood. Systems derived from his designs have been used in more than a dozen Live Action Role Playing games across New England and beyond.

By his rough calculations, he has spent more than two years of his life LARPing.

He is a Physics Teacher by occupation, a fighter by preference, and is the inventor of the Waystone "self-running" module mechanic.


Contact us:

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