The Gift of Courage

The Gift of Courage increases your constitution, resolve, resistance to fear, and toleration for pain. With this Gift you will gain the ability to triumph over adversity. You will be more durable in combat, and less dependent on healing from others. You may also use large, unsubtle weapons requiring strength and bravery. Courage bestows the following Abilities:

Disengage (1st Level): You may call “Disengage” once per Renew per use of this ability. This represents you courageously hurling back your enemies, and you should brandish your weapons heroically when using this ability.

What attacks are possible depends on your weapon. The basic weapons are listed HERE, though you can get a smith to make you more unusual ones...

Stretcher Bearer (1st Level): You may call the “Animate” effect as often as desired. This typically represents dragging the wounded off the field of battle.

Use of Arms (1st Level): Allows you to use any single non-Restricted melee weapon, even two handed ones, or any shield up to 36” in any dimension. Use of Arms does not allow you to use two weapons at once.

Hit Point Bonus (2nd Level): Your Hit Points are increased by the indicated amount due to your courage and resistance to pain. This is not cumulative- you get whatever bonus is listed on the level you have in Courage. It is, however, cumulative with other sources, such as the Gift of Prowess.

Battle Endurance (3rd Level): If you are conscious, you may spend a 30 count resting, cauterizing your wounds, shaking the blood from your eyes, and otherwise hardening your resolve to “Heal 3 to Self”. You may do this a number of times per Renew as indicated. You must call this out loud, like any other effect.

Resist Will (4th Level): Once per Day per use of this ability, you may call “Resist” against a “By Will” effect. This represents your courage and strength of mind. The terror of the undead, or effects of magic on the mind cannot easily overcome you.

Special Attacks (4th Level): You may employ weapons to particularly devastating effect, allowing you to call a Special Attack before a limited number of attacks per Renew. If your attack is blocked, missed, or somehow resisted, it is used up.

Ignore the Bone (8th Level): By expending a use of Battle Endurance and a 30 count of roleplay, you may pop your arm back into place, untwist your knee, etc. and call “Purge Maim to Self”.