The Gift of Dexterity

The Gift of Dexterity grants you quick wits and a nimbleness. You may or may not be agile (that depends on what the player, is capable of), but your coordination allows you to preform prodigious feats. The Gift of Dexterity grants these Abilities.

Disarm Traps/Pick Locks (1st Level): You may attempt to pick in game locks and disarm in game traps. In the case of locks, you must actually pick the toy lock yourself, so you will need a paperclip or the like at a minimum. For traps, you cut strings, move the trap out of the way, and so on. In no case can you actually destroy props, or use obviously modern tools.

Thrown Weapon (I) (1st Level): you may carry and use a single thrown weapon.

Use Hand Crossbow (1st Level): You may use a hand crossbow to shoot safe, padded darts.

Special Attacks (2nd Level): Special Attacks (1st Level): You may employ weapons to particularly devastating effect, allowing you to call a Special Attack before a limited number of attacks per Renew. If your attack is blocked, missed, or somehow resisted, it is used up. You add "Knockout" to any weapon's Special Attacks. Unlike other Gifts, Dexterity Special Attacks must be delivered with a missile weapon, or from behind.

Use Bows (2nd Level): Allows you to use a safe, padded bow. You must have the Scavenge Arrows skill or Arrow item tags in order to use this bow.

Tarot Mortis (3rd Level): Long ago, it is said, a great rogue, Harlequin, made a bargain with the Fates to cheat death while prying into locked boxes and musty tombs. The truth of this cannot be proven, but to this day, the quick of hand use the same methods to focus and evade a trap when it goes off.

To use the Tarot Mortis, you must have a special set of 3 cards with identical backs, but differing faces. These are physical items you must carry with you to use them, but they cannot be stolen. If you accidentally lose them, you cannot use this ability until you replace them. Notes on card suits are given for those who choose not to make their own cards. When you encounter a trap, you may choose to shuffle the cards and place one before you face down. As long as you do not move more than a foot from your current position, or engage in violent motions, you are protected while disarming the trap.

It’s a good idea to place the card before opening any box, or suspicious door. If you do set off the trap, you must immediately flip over the card to see what happens to you. If it is too dark to read the card, the shield does not work and you take the trap’s effect (usually “Death”) normally. The effects of the three cards are:

Death (Spades): The hand of Death has claimed its inevitable prize. You are dead.

Doctor (Hearts): Harlequin’s friend, the learned Doctor, has intervened to save you from death, but his ministrations are not gentle, nor is he as learned as he would like you to think. You suffer both the “Knockout” effect, and the “Maim” effect to a single limb of your choice.

Harlequin (Diamonds): Harlequin’s boon has protected you, and you suffer only a graze. Take 1 point of Damage.

Florentine (3rd Level): You may use two weapons, one of which may be no more than 18” long.

Pick Pockets (3rd Level): Allows you to use a “Thief’s Clip” to try to pick someone’s pocket. See pg 25.

Assassinate (4th Level): Allows you to call “Death” when attacking from behind, or by aiming a ranged weapon for a 10 count. You may use it a number of times per Day as listed.

Thrown Weapon (II) (4th Level): Allows you to carry and use up to 3 small thrown weapons, such as daggers.

Two Weapons (5th Level): Allows you to use two melee weapons at once of up to 42” in length. You may also use this ability to fight with a bow in one hand and a melee weapon in the other.

Swashbuckling (7th Level): You may call “Resist” to any packet attack that strikes a staff, sword, or dagger you are wielding. This will allow you to deflect many spells if you are quick enough.

Evade Trap (8th Level): Once per Day, you may call “Resist” against a trap, as you roleplay jumping out of the way. You may not wear physical armor while using this ability, but may use natural armor or Livery.