The Gift of Empathy

This gives you the kindness and compassion to help those who are wounded, either with magic, a few encouraging words, mundane bandaging, or a kick in the pants. 

Battle Surgery (1st Level): You may roleplay attempting desperate measures (magical or medical) to help someone who is Wounded or Unstable. Alas, such healing is highly unreliable in the world of Mystwood, so this is generally used only when no other healing is available. This takes two minutes, minimum, and may only be attempted on any individual character once per Renew. If Unstable, their count is paused once Battle Surgery begins, so they will not bleed out. After roleplaying, you must have the character draw from a bag containing either six marbles (three white, one red, and two black) or have them roll a die (1-3: white, 4: red, 5-6: black). If they draw white, you must say “Heal 3”, and they will recover and awaken immediately. If they draw red, say “Heal 1 and Afflict with Tainted Wound”. If they draw black, you must say “No Effect”. You cannot use this on yourself. It may be possible to improve your chances with special skills, tools, and supplies. Note that you cannot do anything with Battle Surgery for those who have suffered the “Death” or “Doom” effects.

Cure Maim (1st Level): You may spend a 60 count roleplaying resetting a dislocated arm, or magically healing cut tendons. You may then call “Purge Maim”.

Diagnose (1st Level): You may use the “Detect Health” effect on a willing character within arm’s reach. You may use the “Diagnose” effect on fallen, Unconscious characters.

Stretcher Bearer (1st level): You may call the “Animate” effect as often as desired. This typically represents dragging the wounded off the field of battle.

Healing Hand (2nd Level): By roleplaying the use of healing magic, encouragement, bandaging, or simple concentration, you may heal another. This is usable a limited number of times per Renew, as shown on the Empathy table. For example, at 2nd level you may use one “Heal 2”, at fifth level two “Heal 5” and three “Heal 2” per Renew. These may be used on the same or different people, but cannot be used on yourself. Healing Hand requires at least a 10 count of roleplay.

With Malice Toward None (4th Level): You can strengthen your Gift of Empathy by refraining from harming others. If you have not inflicted damage on any other creature (Undead and Daemons excepted) during the current Renew, you may call “Heal 8” instead of “Heal 5”, and “Heal 3” instead of a “Heal 2”, when using the Healing Hand ability.

Improved Battle Surgery (6th Level): When using Battle Surgery, a white marble draw now provides “Heal 5”, a red marble draw “Heal 3 and Afflict with Tainted Wound”, and a black marble draw “No Effect”.

Detect Unconscious (7th Level): Once per Renew, you may call “Detect Unconscious” to find wounded companions.

Heroic Surgery (10th Level): You can attempt to restore even a Dead person. This ability is usable once per Day. You must roleplay heroic efforts to save the person’s life for 5-10 minutes, then have the person draw from your Battle Surgery bag. If they draw White, you may call “Life” to restore them. If they draw Red, you may call “Life and Afflict with Tainted Wound”. If they draw Black, nothing happens, and they remain dead.