The Gift of Passion

Summoning (Level 1): This ability allows a character to chant, and summon the elements themselves to damage their foes. To use this skill, you must close your eyes and repeat a 12-word chant while holding a Dysha (spell packet). Every third time the chant is repeated, the bolt gains 1 point of Damage, to a maximum determined by your Passion level. Each summoner must choose an element to favor them- Air, Earth, Fire, or Water- when they first take this Gift. When they throw their bolt, they must call the Damage “by (chosen element)”.

You may open your eyes at any point, and throw the bolt without any further incantation, or hold it until ready. You may not move your feet while holding the bolt, however. If you are damaged while holding a bolt, the bolt is lost. You may wear armor while using Summoning, but both hands must be free.

Elemental Burst (1st Level): To use this ability, you may gather as many Dysha as you wish, and throw them all at once in a group. When you do so, you may call “2 Damage by (Element)”. You do not have to concentrate to use this ability, but you can use it only a limited number of times per Renew.

Hedge Magic (Level 2): Hedge Magic, also known as Alchemy or Thaumaturgy, is the art of combining the elements in the simplest and most dangerous ways to create magical effects. To use this ability, you must possess one or more Components. The Gift of Passion allows you to use ONLY the Air, Earth, Fire, and Water Components.

Once you have a few Components, you must find a “Matrix”. A Matrix may be nearly anything- a philosopher’s tome containing instructions on how to combine certain elements, a set of tools for the making of potions, or a fell monolith for the working of dark rituals hidden in the woods. The Matrix will indicate combinations of Elements you can use with it, but the resulting effect will be hidden until you have followed the instructions.

Roleplay the magic, set aside the component tags to be recycled, then read what it does. It may be one of two things:

An Immediate effect on you, or others, which is usually (but not always) bad.

A Potion. Write the effect on a piece of paper (be sure to copy it EXACTLY) and place it in a film canister or other small bottle. You may keep it yourself, or give it to others. When someone opens it and reads the tag, it takes effect. Of course, they have no way of knowing what it actually does until they use it...

You may only try the same combination of elements in a “Matrix” once per Event. Discovered Matrix combinations must be kept secret from other players- the strange magical combinations which you have experimented on are impossible to describe in words or deeds. Do your best (both In Game and Out) to keep Matrix combinations a surprise for everyone, to keep magic mysterious.

Elemental Storm (4th Level): This power lets you call down the wrath of the elements in an unending torrent. You must plant your feet to use this power. After doing so, you may throw as many “1 Damage by (Element)” packets as you like, one at a time. If you move your feet, or take damage, the storm ends. This requires no concentration, but you may use this ability only a limited number of times per Renew.

Mage Lore (5th Level): You are aware of spirit essences, invisible runes, ghostly presences, magical taints, etc. You may read Mage Lore Flags at will.

Elemental Kinship (7th Level): At this level, summoners take half damage from their element. Damage is rounded down, so a 1 point effect will cause no damage. Call “Lesser Effect” or “No Effect.”

Summoner’s Stride (10th Level): After summoning, you may take up to seven steps, then throw your bolt. You cannot delay throwing the bolt however, and must throw it as soon as you take the steps.