The Gift of Prowess

Prowess is a gift that thrives in the heart of battle. Warriors with this gift have a natural talent for weapons, and the strength to challenge their enemies head on. Prowess bestows the following abilities.

Detect Health (1st Level): By sizing an opponent up for a few moments, you may call the “Detect Health” effect.

Use of Arms (1st Level): Allows you to use any single non-restricted melee weapon, even two handed ones, or any shield up to 36” in any dimension. Use of Arms does not allow you to use two weapons at once.

Special Attacks (1st Level): You may employ weapons to particularly devastating effect, allowing you to call a Special Attack before a limited number of attacks per Renew. If your attack is blocked, missed, or somehow resisted, it is used up.

Extra Hit Point (2nd Level): You add 1 Hit Point to your maximum. This is cumulative with other sources, such as the Gift of Courage.

Deathstrike: Allows you to call “Death” or “Shatter Shield” with one weapon attack, which must be aimed above the knees. “Death” will kill ordinary mortals outright, but will only inflict damage on the most powerful monsters. Unlike a Special Attack, a Deathstrike is not used up if it misses, but may not be used again against the same person during this battle. Your Deathstrike is only used up if your opponent acknowledges it by roleplaying, or if they call “Resist” or “No Effect”.

You may instead use a Deathstrike for a Parry. Your war-art is so impressive that you are able to parry many attacks that would lay low a lesser warrior. You may call “Parry” against any effect delivered by a weapon. You must have seen the attack coming, have a weapon in hand, and have a reasonable chance to deflect that attack.