The Gift of Wisdom

Lore (1st Level): You may see clues that others would miss. Once per Renew, you may read a colored Flag of your choice, providing special information that you encounter during an adventure. The colors of Flags are Blue (Mage Lore), Green (Woodwise), Grey (Engineering), and Orange (Commerce).

Sorcery (1st Level): With the coming of the Lord of Justice, it became possible to tame the wild power of Chaos, and use it in a purposeful manner, rather than allowing oneself to be ruled by the Chaos powers. Thus, Sorcery was born. Sorcery is different from Summoning in that it deals with pure magic, rather than manipulating natural elements through magic. With great effort, spells are created that bend Chaos to a specific function, such as binding a foe, creating a defensive barrier, or clouding the mind of another.

In order to cast a spell, a mage must first master it. The first time a spell is cast, it is very difficult- there may be elaborate formulae, long incantations, puzzles and tests of patience and will, all designed to shape and harness the power of Chaos. However, having cast the spell once, the “Pattern” needed to cast the spell becomes part of the Sorcerer's very soul, and they can henceforth unleash that spell with but a word and a gesture. Spells cannot be cast if the spell caster has had the “Silence” effect used on them!

In addition to spells from increasing Wisdom, a mage may learn one additional new spell per Event by finding a means in game, and should keep a list of all spells known in a “spellbook”. Spells can be gained in many ways- the sorcerer might find an arcane text in an ancient and dangerous grimoire, a diagram on a standing stone copied and decoded, a puzzle solved, or the spell may be taught to the sorcerer by a powerful spirit. The mage must follow the directions and complete the ritual. Mages cannot teach each other spells, though they may share where spells may be found. Spellbooks cannot be stolen, and others cannot use them to learn spells- they are just a spell caster’s notes.

In addition to Sorcery, many Occupations have a few minor magics, often mixing sorcery and alchemy, which may be cast by anyone in that Occupation who also possesses the Gift of Wisdom. If you leave the Occupation, you are no longer in touch with the spirits who once helped you, and lose the ability to cast those spells. For more information on casting spells, see Appendix 1 on page 93.

Spells: The basic spells in the rulebook are sometimes called Cantrips. If you start the game with the Gift of Wisdom, you will know one spell per Wisdom level. Every time you gain a level of Wisdom, you gain an additional spell. In addition, some Occupations have their own spell list. You know all the spells on your Occupational list.

Mana (Level 1): Mana is Chaos, bound in the service of magic, raw energy ready to be shaped into a spell. Each spell costs a certain number of Mana Points. A sorcerer can cast spells until they run out of Mana. Mana is replenished like other abilities when you receive the “Renew” effect.

Hedge Magic (Level 2): See the Gift of Passion for the full description. However, using the Gift of Sorcery allows you to use all eight elements- Chaos, Death, Life, and Time, as well as Air, Earth, Fire, and Water.

Mage Lore (Level 2): You are aware of spirit essences, invisible runes, ghostly presences, magical taints, etc. You may read Mage Lore Flags at any time.

Resist Magic (Level 3): You may call “Resist” against a number of “by Magic” effects per Renew according to the chart below.

Purge Magic I (Level 4): By concentrating for a 30 count with your eyes closed, you can throw a Dysha and call “Purge Magic”. You may do this as often as desired.

Purge Magic II (Level 7): Once per Day, you may concentrate for a 60 count (one minute), eyes closed, and then call “By my Voice, Purge Magic”.


Spell List

Below, you will find the basic spells a character with the Gift of Wisdom may learn when they gain a level of Wisdom. There are other spells in the world which must be found or invented.

 Spells are of several types:

Bolt: You may throw a single “Dysha” (spell packet) and call the effect.

Spray: You are allowed to throw a number of bolts, but you must throw them all as quickly as you can (within a 5 count).

Voice: You do not throw a bolt- instead all within the sound of your voice will be affected.

Storm: You may throw any number of bolts but must keep both feet planted. If you move your feet, or take damage, the storm stops.

 Spells are listed by Name; Type and amount of Mana; and finally the Effect which you must call when you cast the spell.

Amicus Mort
Voice, 4 Mana
“By my Voice, Charm Undead”

 Arrows of Time
Storm, 4 Mana
“Root by Magic”

 Aura of Chaos
Voice, 4 Mana
“By my Voice, 1 Damage to Enemy by Magic”

Bolt, 1 Mana
“Purge Knockout”

 Awaken Rage
Bolt, 1 Mana
“Frenzy to Animal by Magic”

 Blinding Glamour
Bolt, 1 Mana
“Subdue by Magic”

Castigation of Cassandra
Bolt, 1 Mana
“3 Damage to Fae by Magic”

Disguising Glamour
Voice, 3 Mana
“By my Voice, Compel you to perceive me as (basic type of creature or person) by Magic”

Dispel Magic
Bolt, 1 Mana
“Purge Magic” 

Bolt, 1 Mana
“Compel you to spin around three times by Magic”

 Dominion Mortis
Bolt, 3 Mana
“Enslave Undead by Magic”

Voice, 1 Mana
“Detect Unconscious”

 Exponere Mortis
Voice, 1 Mana
“Detect Undead”

Feet of Clay
Spray, 1 Mana
“Slow by Magic” x3

Fool's Gold
Voice, 1 Mana
“By my Voice, Compel you to perceive this as (a small item) by Magic”

 Gaze of the Medusa
Bolt, 4 Mana
“Paralyze by Magic”

 Gorgon's Breath of Chaos
Bolt, 4 Mana
“Doom by Magic”

 Hydra’s Grasp
Spray, 4 Mana
“Bind by Magic” x4

 Illusory Vermin
Bolt, 1 Mana
“Compel you to (itch or sneeze) uncontrollably for a 60 count by Magic”

 Infernal Dominion
Bolt, 4 Mana
“Enslave Daemon by Magic”

 Infernal Kinship
Voice, 4 Mana
“By my Voice, Charm Daemon”

 Infernal Revelation
Voice, 1 Mana
“Detect Daemon”

 Infernal Tongues
Voice, 1 Mana
“Speak to Daemon”

 Mage Winds
Storm, 3 Mana
“Repel by Magic”

 Mind Blast
Spray, 2 Mana
“Subdue by Magic” x4

 Minotaur's Breath
Spray, 5 Mana
“Frenzy by Magic” x3

Mortal Puppet
Bolt, 1 Mana
“Animate by Magic”

 Red Hex
Bolt, 3 Mana
“Frenzy by Magic”

 The Serpent's Coils
Bolt, 2 Mana
“Bind by Magic”

 Shield of Capricorn
Bolt, 1 Mana
“Repel by Magic”

 Smiting the Beast
Bolt, 1 Mana
“3 Damage to Animal by Magic”

 Sussuria Mortis
Voice, 1 Mana
“Speak to Undead”

 Telmar's Transfixion
Bolt, 1 Mana
“Root by Magic”

 Tendrils of the Kraken
Spray, 2 Mana
“Root by Magic” x3

 Titan's Tread
Voice, 3 Mana
“By my Voice, Slow to Enemy by Magic”

 The Twin Serpent
Spray, 3 Mana
“Bind by Magic” x2

 Varo's Hand
Bolt, 1 Mana
“Disarm (Item) by Magic”

 Voice Stealer
Bolt, 1 Mana
“Silence by Magic”

Voice, 4 Mana
“By my Voice, Purge Bind and Root”