Hand to Hand Combat

Hand to hand combat is conducted using SAFE padded weapons.

Hit Points.    Every character has a certain number of “Hit Points” which is basically the number of times they can be hit in combat before collapsing unconscious.   Hit points reflect physics toughness, armor, magical protections and luck.    Characters begin with 2 Hit Points, but most will find ways to increase that number.

The Three Swing Rule - You are allowed to swing at a foe three times in quick succession before you must “break” and fall back, or, if you cannot fall back for some reason, you may pause for a few seconds, or attack another foe.
This means that no one foe can ever do more than 3 points of damage to you in a single “flurry,” and usually less. If anyone presses on after three swings in the heat of combat, you should say “Break” to remind them, and not count any damage they cause after the third swing. Assume that since they were swinging so quickly, the blows did not have much force behind them.

Judging Hits - Judging when you have been hit by a foe is solely your responsibility, but you MUST at all times do so in as fair and scrupulous a manner as possible. You are hit by any blow that, had it been struck full force with a razor sharp weapon, would have drawn blood. Thus most contacts are hits.

Do Not Count

Any blow after the first that land on the same body part. This is called “machine gunning.” Before legally scoring another blow on the same part of the body; a foe must strike at another body part, or parry a blow.

A blow that strikes only cloak or a dangling pouch, unless that blow, if it had cut strait though the gear, would have damaged you.

A blow that is too hard.

A blow that overcomes your parry by force.

Do Count

Blows that strike capes, backpacks and the like, if they would have hit you if the item were not there.

Blows that are very light.

Blows that hit your weapon then hit you.

Combat Targets - Hits to the groin, hands, or head do not count.

Damage and Hit Points - Every player has a number of Hit Points, depending on the character they are playing at the time. These are reduced when you take damage from magic or combat. All hits with a melee weapon do one point of damage, UNLESS the foe calls something else when striking you, in which case the damage done is the number called, or you take the effect they call. Thrown weapons also do 1 point of damage, unless otherwise noted. Arrows and crossbow bolts do 1 point of damage.

Falling In Combat - Feel free to stumble off to the side of battle so that you do not get stepped on. Do not just fall down where you are killed, if you are likely to be a tripping or movement hazard.

Weapon Construction Guidelines - Most players will want to make their own weapons. MASI will provide weapons to players for their first event, free of charge, but what you get is luck of the draw from the NPC weapon stockpile. If at all possible, it is better to make or buy your own. For those with the cash, excellent weapons can be purchased on the Internet.