Becoming a Storyteller

Mystwood is fairly unique in the realm of Live Action Role-Playing due to a somewhat fluid relationship between those who tell the story (Staff, Non Players Characters, etc) and those who LIVE the story, the players (Adventurers and Townsfolk). We all work together to make Mystwood a success!

There are THREE ways to help tell the story of Mystwood

Staff a Chronicle - Form a Triad - Start a Chapter 

1. Staff (NPC) a Chronicle

This is the easiest way to join the storytellers in Mystwood and all players are encouraged to take part. The saga of Mystwood is divided into Chronicles which may last one or two years. At any given time three chronicles are actively playing out in the Mystwood game. This ensures that there are a several story lines for players to become involved in, and players have a good chance of seeing at least a few of them through to the end. A chronicle may focus on role-playing, combat, adventure, or some mixture of each. It is hoped that the variety of chronicles will enable those who cannot commit to full weekends of live action role-playing to still enjoy a complete story line. 

Players may choose to act as Non-Player Characters for one (or more) chronicles, thereby enriching the game with a larger cast of characters. By staffing a chronicle you reduce the overal cost of your weekend (as you only pay for the chronicles you play) and for each one you NPC you will be rewarded with one Moonstone and five crowns, its a great way to boost your character.

2. Form a Triad

If you have ever wanted to try your hand at Game Mastering this is a great way to start. Mystwood is run by a core staff of nine, three groups of three known as "Triads". Each chronicle is directed by a “Triad”. A typical Mystwood event is divided into Chronicles and Adventure Time. During Chronicle Time events unfold quickly and are all focused on a single story. Adventure Time by contrast is devoted to small events not essential to any particular story, such as small group quests, role-playing within the town, the practice of occupations and the pursuit of spirit gates.

It is intended that Triads may retire after completing their chronicle, perhaps creating their own characters, and new Triads come forward to continue the saga. Each Triad is independently responsible for their chronicle, but any decisions effecting the game as a whole requires assent of The Head Mystwood Game Master currently Dylan Sirois. 

If you would like to become part of the core staff and run your own one or two year chronicle please submit a proposal using this online form: Click here to make a proposal

The deadline for submitting a proposal the is 1st of February, each year. If your proposal is not chosen, feel  free to submit it again next year. You may also submit more than one proposal if you wish, however you will never run two chronicles at the same time. 

3. Start Your Own Mystwood Chapter

If you are feeling very ambitious and want to expand the game of Mystwood you can start your own chapter. You must contact us for more information, but these are the basic requirements. We are always looking to expand! 

Here are a few basic requirements to starting a Mystwood Chapter 

    1. You must be a mature and experienced person. You MUST have prior experience LARPIng with us, and some experience in being a game master or extensive participation in a triad of another Mystwood Chapter.
    2. You should have the right financial expectations: It is very unlikely that you will make money on Mystwood. For the first few years, you may struggle breaking even. It should also be noted that all money raised from Mystwood entry fees must go back into the game- no profit can arise as we are a not for profit classified organization. 
    3. You need to run a role-playing game, not a combat game. Mystwood can have many epic battles, but the heart of it is Role Play.
    4. You must maintain standard Mystwood practices. This includes using the official rulebook, limiting the amount of treasure you dispense, and honoring items from other chapters. 
    5. You must stay within the world of Mystwood. There is a great deal to expand upon in this "world", but players may travel from one place to another, so there should be as much consistency as possible. 
    6. You must have a suitable gaming site. There are sites that can be rented in some places, or you may choose to build your own. It should be noted that constructing your own gaming site is a huge undertaking and you may need to start out small. 

There is a start up cost to begin a Mystwood chapter. For that payment,you will receive everything you need to run the game including tags, rulebooks, supplemental rulebooks and access to all Mystwood systems it does not include costumes, weapons, props, and a gaming site. You will also be advertised through Facebook and on this site. If you are interested in the idea of starting a Mystwood chapter contact us!

If you have any questions, contact us at: