Miscellaneous Rules

Per Renew Powers Per renew or per refresh powers are powers that must be renewed. Once you exhaust a per renew power you must do something to renew it if you want to get it back. There are a wide range of activities that can renew your abilities, for instance drinking and dicing in the tavern is one way, performing your duty, and many other things. While you are out on adventures you must conserve your per renew powers as you may not be able to regain them until you get back to  town.    The only automatic renew you receive is at 6 PM on saturday.

Per Day Powers - Some skills are usable "once (or more) per day". The Mystwood Game Day starts and ends at 6:00pm. So essentially each event has two game days, one day prior to 6:00pm Saturday, and one prior to the end of the event on Sunday.

Per Event Powers - Some skills are usable "once (or more) per Event". This means that you can use the ability a designated number of times over the course of the event.

Locks Anything locked is assumed to be strong enough to resist being broken open – the only way to get inside is to pick the lock.   Be warned, Mystwood strives to large, heavy replica locks, and the standard paperclip may not be much use in picking locks.   

Thieves Clips - Those with quick enough hands can lift coin and other game items.   If you find a “Thieves Clip” attached to a pouch or pocket, someone has  thieved your belongings.   You must take any game items (not props) in the clipped container (which can be no larger than a pouch) and place it in the envelope at the back of the tavern with the symbol that matches the one on the clip.

CrossbowsAny bolt fired from a crossbow does 2 points of damage automatically.   It is not necessary to call this damage.

The most common form of trap used in Mystwood is the trusty Dart Trap, represented by a mousetrap. It affects whoever sets it off. Other forms of traps are possible- falling rocks, swinging beams, scything blades, “poppers” that you step on and cause to explode, etc. Traps are deadly. If hit by one you take the “Death” Effect, and become dead.

Traps may NEVER be used offensively. They cannot be carried around and used on enemies. They must wait, passively, until someone sets them off. If you set off a special trap (such as a deadfall) to strike another, it doesn’t count as a trap. It may still do damage- if the yellow card attached to it says it does. This is to keep players (or NPCs) from rigging up a falling rock they drop on everyone who comes through their door.

Unusual traps may have other effects than killing. If so, this will be made clear, either by an NPC using the Forsooth call, or by a yellow card. Not all traps are fully represented- for example, a pressure plate could be placed on the floor, represented by a square of plywood, and the effect of stepping on it called by an NPC.

Traps cannot be set, reset, or constructed without special skills. Only one with a special skill can actually attempt to “make safe” a trap to prevent it from going off by cutting trip wires and the like.

Ingested poison, aka poisoning someone's food, is represented by a yellow tag. If you find a yellow tag very close to your food that says “Poison” rip the tag and take the “Doom by Poison” effect. Appropriate dramatic role-playing is required.

Contact Poison is represented by petroleum jelly smeared on something. Touching it produces the “Doom by Poison” effect. This can ONLY be used as a passive defense- you cannot attack someone offensively using contact poison. They must touch it of their own volition.

Special Poisons. There are a wide variety of special poisons in the Mystwood Forest, with a variety of effects and a variety of means of administration. These will either be represented by an NPC using the Forsooth call to inform you of what has happened, or a yellow Card.

Grey Wanderers, aka Grey Monks
Hooded and cloaked, often bearing a light or a heavy tome, these strange folk have existed for as long as history has been recorded. They are human, they eat, they wander, they are highly obscure, but they are guided by the gods. They can use "Forsooth" to make clear when they are serving as referees, rather than just role-playing. They give up their names and past when they join the Grey Order, and are sworn to strict non violence and neutrality.

Their power is undoubted. No one is certain what, if anything, they cannot do. Fortunately, they rarely do anything at all. They serve good and evil with equal impartiality. Grey Wanderers serve as the “referees” of the Mystwood game. They bestow divine intervention, oversee battles, serve as guides on some adventures, and generally keep the game on track. Minor infractions of rules or role-playing may be punished by death or cursing by grey wanderer. Nothing personal- everyone messes up sometimes. Anything a grey wanderer tells you is true if they use the “Forsooth” call.

Grey Wanderers are fully in game. You can see them and talk to them, though treating them with disrespect is never wise. If an action requires a Grey Wanderer and one is not present, you cannot perform the action. Any player can summon a Grey Wanderer by going to the NPC building, and leaving a note as to the place and time the Wanderer is needed. It is best to summon an hour in advance, there is no guarantee of a spirit appearing, and it is unwise to summon without great need.

Grey Wanderers are not on your side. They will aid only if required to do so by their own strange code. Do not expect them to aid or help you without reason.

Yellow Cards - Generally in Mystwood, what you see is what you get. If there is a sword stuck in a stone, you will see a reasonable representation of a sword and a stone. Generally nothing will be described to you. Sometimes, however, it is necessary to convey extra information. For this “Yellow Cards”- pieces of yellow paper are used. When reading a yellow card, you should be as discrete as possible, to avoid breaking the flow of the game. If you see a yellow card, you must read it. Sometimes it will simply give you information; sometimes it will inform you of an effect.

Yellow Hands - If you see a door or area marked with a yellow hand, you cannot go there and should ignore anything you see in the yellow hand area. You can invent any plausible reason you like for not going through the door- the best generally being that it’s not actually there.

Flags - Yellow cards present information that everyone should have. Sometimes, however, there may be information available only to those with special skills. These are represented by small pieces of paper called “Flags.” The flags are marked with text and symbols. Special skills may be necessary for reading a flag, so if you don't have the proper skill do not read the flag. When reading a flag, you should be as discrete as possible, to avoid breaking the flow of the game. Sometimes flags will instruct you to remove them after reading- this helps keep the site clean and represents the fact that the information can only be gained once.   Flags may be of any color. 

Spirit Gates
In Mystwood, it is common to find these structures, most appearing as an archway of branches, or a pair of small white stones. They lead to interesting places, but there is a price for passing through. A portion of those passing through will be possessed by the forest, and forced to play the roles of the entities beyond the gate, basically becoming NPC's for a few minutes.

Essentially, a Spirit Gate is an adventure with no NPCs. Follow the rules stated on the plaque. The chosen ones then pass through, and locate the tote of props and items needed for the adventure (it may be under a 'fake rock' made of cloth). They read the instructions, don the masks provided, and act as NPCs for the duration of the adventure. The parts they are called upon to play are quite simple, usually basic combat parts. Sometimes a spirit gate has nothing but combat and danger behind it, but often there are useful items or components, or information to be gained.

In game terms those who become spirits are able to watch the entire adventure, and thus know what happened on it, but are trapped in the spirit world and cannot leave it until the other party leaves the gate or is all dead. Some spirit gates can be entered as often as desired, some only once per event or day. This will be specified on the plaque. If you become unconscious beyond a spirit gate and are left behind when everyone else leaves, you die. You may not enter a spirit gate that is "in use", the only way in is to be part of the original party and take your chances with being possessed. Those in a spirit gate are spirits to anyone not in their own party and vice versa.

Conventions of Fortification
The walls and gates of Mystwood are assumed to be much stronger than they actually are (or sometimes look).   They may not be breached without some special ability.   Gates are assumed to be bared whenever they are shut, and thus may be opened only from the inside.   There are special cloth covered gaps in the town walls – these are useable only be spirits or creatures like spiders who are allowed to creep through the walls.