NPC Conventions

Fair Escape – At times, players and NPCs will be chasing each other around in the woods. Player characters fleeing from monsters can generally escape by reaching the town, but it's a bit harder for NPCs. NPCs with players in pursuit cannot simply sprint to the NPC building, since it is out of game and that would be cheezy. Instead, they must get out of line of sight from players and remain motionless for 3 minutes. If they do that successfully, they are considered to have slipped away into a swamp or the like. The NPC may then become a spirit and return to the NPC building.

Recycling – At times, NPCs may "recycle" or "re-spawn" to represent new enemies arriving to join a battle. Generally they can only do so a limited number of times, how many times being determined by the staff.

Area Recycling – When Area Recycling is used, NPCs must move out of line of sight of the players and wait for a specified amount of time (usually a minute) before returning.

Gate Recycling – In this form of recycling, NPCs emerge from some sort of gate or door - be it chaos portal or rat hole. They may call a "disengage" when they emerge.

Totem recycling – In this form, when NPCs die they become spirits, travel to a talisman, banner or the like, tag it, and then return to the battle. If a PC is within 10 feet of the Talisman, NPCs may not "tag in" and should stay out of the way.

Regeneration – Some creatures can regrow their lost limbs and restore themselves even when horribly mauled. Such creatures always regain all their Hit Points if they remain motionless for 1 minute. They are also cured of all hostile effects such as "Root" or "Maim" when they do this. They may be unconscious while regenerating. Striking the regenerating creature does not prevent regeneration. The only way to prevent the regeneration is a Doom or Death effect. Most regenerating creatures have a weakness, often fire damage. If they are struck with such an effect while they are unconscious, they will not regenerate.

Threshold – Some creatures are so tough that ordinary weapon blows and attacks doing 1 point of damage will not harm them. Lethal will not reduce them to zero hit points, maim will not cripple their limbs, and Death will not kill them. Such creatures take only one point of damage from a Lethal Effect, Doom, maim or any damaging attack, no matter how much. Thus a "5 fire" would do only 1 point. The Death effect does 5 points of damage. When attacked the NPC should state "threshold" - however it is not necessary to repeat it every time they are struck. It is poor form to keep hitting a creature you can't hurt, as this just bruises the NPC to no purpose.

Human is as Human does.    NPC characters who are human must follow the rules for player characters.   If an extraordinary character is needed, they must be a Vampire, Daemon, Chaos Knight, or other obviously supernatural being.    There is no way for a character to resist a “Lethal” without wearing armor, for example, and thus no mortal NPC may do this.   This means that NPCs and PCs are often on a fairly equal footing – however, mortal NPCs should be played to the best of your ability, and should not hold back in combat.   They should be played as though they were characters – for example most will loot or finish off any fallen foe if they can.

Unless an NPC's name is in the Book of Life, there is no way for them to return from death, short of reanimation as one of the Undead.