Justice, Wisdom, the Keeper of the Scales

It is through the inspiration of Justice that mortals build ordered societies, and so prosper. Each person playing their part, the whole greater than the sum of those parts. It is through Wisdom that knowledge is gained and preserved. It is the Keeper of the Scales that sees that evil is punished, that all are held to account, and that the law is honored as it must be. He is a stern, but never needlessly cruel god, a benevolent patriarch. It is through him that law, government, and society become more perfect over time. Justice has progressed from the anarchy of the ancient past, through the cruel despotism of empires, to the current enlightened age when Knighthood is earned by the worthy and serfs may purchase their freedom, and even nobility must respect the law. In time, it is said, justice and the rights of all will advance even further with his guidance, though it is hard to imagine what form this might take.

Followers of Justice strive particularly for the destruction of all things Chaotic, especially Daemons. 

Greeting: Hand held forward, straight arm, palm out.

Heraldry: Black and white colors, keys, scales, hammers.

Rituals and Duties

    • Affirming all one’s oaths- loyalty, etc.
    • Delivering or enacting sentences
    • Preaching the laws
    • Purification of self, others and the land after encounters with Chaos
    • Settling disputes


    • Allowing knowledge to be lost, destroyed, or used for evil purposes.
    • Breaking the law
    • Creating or supporting unjust laws for gain
    • Dishonor
    • Disrespect for position and rank
    • Harboring Chaos, even unwittingly
    • Killing captives
    •  Lying

Karma Awards

One Karma may be awarded to you by a priest of Justice for any of the following actions:

    • Defeat of Chaos schemes or attacks at cost to yourself, or through great personal effort.
    • Playing a significant role in destruction of a Named Daemon, closing of a Daemonic Portal.
    • Making a significant contribution to knowledge or philosophy.
    • Playing an instrumental role in bringing an important criminal to justice or seeing justice done in complicated or difficult circumstances.
    • Tithing 10 crown, or 10% or your wealth, whichever is more, to the Church.
    • Settling a dispute honorably.

Karmic Power Karma Effect

    • Calm and Reason (1 Karma) - You may call “By my Voice, Purge Will” once.
    • Daemonbane (1 Karma) - You gain the skill “Slayer (Daemons)” until you next Renew.
    • Doom of the Faithless (Karma) -  You may call “___, Doom to Oathbreaker by Name” once.
    • Guidance (1 Karma) -  You may ask a Grey Wanderer to hear your prayers, seeking information on how to proceed in a matter related to Justice, Law, Politics or combating Chaos.
    • Holy Fury (1 Karma) -  You gain one use of the skill “Battle Rage”.
    • Honest Labor (1 Karma) -  You may use 2 Craft Points for a skill of your choice to use on one task related to your beliefs.
    • Purify (5 Karma) - You may purge a Mark of Chaos from another after they perform suitable penance. Call “Forsooth, I remove a Mark of Chaos”.
    • Smite (1 Karma) -  After at least a 15 count of roleplay calling on Justice to smite your foe, you may call “8 Crushing” once.

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