Mercy, Courage, Fortune, The Maiden, Brave Sister, The Iron Dove

There is no greater gift than the ability to feel- to love, to laugh, to strive, to hope, and to forgive. Mercy bestows this gift, and it is she that makes life worth living. She is the bonds between humankind that transcend the laws of society and the harsh realities of nature. Mercy is a goddess of both love and battle. She is true courage on the field, the fight for loved ones and beside worthy companions. She engenders love of freedom, and of family, She is the light in darkest times, the bringer of hope. She is the bulwark against the greatest threats of Chaos- cruelty, anger, greed, and the dark forces that corrupt one’s soul.

Mercy recognizes that there is good in even the darkest souls, and that all may hope and strive for forgiveness.

Followers of Mercy believe in the importance of courage and being true to one’s own heart above. They will never flee the field of battle or leave others behind, and while they will fight fiercely when needed, they strive for peace when they can.

Greeting: Fist to Heart

Heraldry: Red and white colors, lions and doves, olive branch.

Rituals and Duties

    • Bringing peace
    • Fighting to the end
    • Invoking good fortune
    • Preparation for battle
    • Preventing torture
    • Ritual forgiveness
    • Uniting lovers


    • Bullying, taunting, cruelty, torture
    • Failure to forgive or show mercy
    • Fleeing from battle
    • Giving in to hatred or anger
    • Giving in to torture, fatigue, or weakness
    • Not accepting a challenge
    • Parting lovers

Karma Awards

One Karma may be awarded to you by a priest of Mercy for any of the following actions:

    • Bringing reconciliation to those who have a deadly quarrel but were once close.
    • Death or great loss in defense of others.
    • Forgiveness of great wrong.
    • Gifts of charity of at least 10 crown or 10% of your wealth, whichever is more.
    • Outstanding heroism in battle.
    • Showing mercy at great cost to yourself.
    • Uniting family members, lovers or longtime friends parted by evil.

Glory (1 Karma) - You gain the skill “Slayer (Humans)” until you next Renew.

Guidance (1 Karma) - You may ask a Grey Wanderer to hear your prayers, seeking information on how to proceed in a matter related to Battle, Courage, Love or Peace.

Healing Hand (1 Karma) - You may touch a character with a packet to call “Heal”.

Life Link (1 Karma) - You may form a Life Link with another person. Call “Bestow Life Link”. During this time, you may call “Heal (X) to (Name) by Name”. This causes X points of damage to you. You may have only one Life Link at a time, total.

Peace (1 Karma) - You may call “By my Voice, Purge Frenzy” once.

Purity (1 Karma) - Once activated, this Karma power lasts 5 minutes. Within that period, you may call "Detect Poison" at will. You may spend a 10 count roleplaying to call "Purge Poison", and a 30  count to "Resist" any "by Poison" effect. Both of these are also “at will.”

Salvation (1 Karma) -  You may throw a packet for “Purge Doom”.

Self Sacrifice (5 Karma) - You may take another’s Final Death on yourself. They are restored to life, but you lose your “once ever” resurrection bestowed by Justice, If you have already used this death, you permanently die yourself. You must enter this in your chapter’s death record, and a Grey Wanderer is required.

The Gods Provide (1 Karma) -  You may take 2 Material or Component tags and divide them in half. Each half will function as a normal tag. Write “The Gods Provide” on the tags with your initials.

Wonder of Healing (3 Karma) - You may call “By my Voice, Heal 1” once.

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