The Wild, Nature, the Huntsman, the Keeper of the Dead, the Lord of Gold

The Wild is the god of all things Primal- of the natural path, the needs of the body. It oversees not just the harvest and the hunt, but also the honest labor and skillful craft of the common folk, and efforts to win coin. The dead are in its keeping, and also the riches of the earth. It teaches the need to both preserve and prosper from the natural world. It is the link between humankind and the world around them that must never be severed. It is the kinship between human and animal, the primal spirit that enables humans to survive, compete, and prosper. It is the dictum that the weak must perish so that strong may survive.

It is the Wild.

Followers of the Wild have a great hatred for the Undead, for they break the circle of life, and steal what was in the keeping of the Wild.

Greeting: Touching head, heart, stomach

Heraldry: Green and gold colors, oak leaves, wheat sheaves, crescent moon, stag’s head or skull.

Rituals and Duties

    • Bleeding upon the earth
    • Feasting and harvesting
    • Hunting, farming, and crafting
    • Killing Undead
    • Laying the dead to rest
    • Showing respect for the dead


    • Cruelty to animals or children
    • Damaging forest or crops
    • Fighting for sport
    • Injuring prey and letting them go
    • Letting things go to waste
    • Not eating kills

Karma Awards

One Karma may be awarded to you by a priest of the Wild for any of the following actions:

    • Playing a major role in any economic improvement, such as establishment of new hunting grounds, farms, or trade routes.
    • Playing a major role in destroying a greater Undead creature.
    • Protecting wild land, natural creatures, tombs and the dead at cost or great effort to yourself.
    • Significant gifts of Food or Material to the community at large, valued at least 10 crown or 10% of your wealth, whichever is more.
    • Slaying those who transgress against things protected by the Wild.

Karmic Powers

Animal Kinship (1 Karma) - You may throw three “Charm Animal” packets. All must be used within a 60 count.
Armor of Wode (Karma) - By donning a garment of leaves, crown of horns, elaborate face and body paint or the like, you may “Bestow (up to 3) Armor Points” on yourself or another. These count as physical armor, but anyone may use them even if they do not possess the Wear Armor skill.
Armor available depends on the props which are used, with a maximum of 3 Hit Points:

  • 1 Hit Point: Blue or black stripe across eyes; fan of leaves behind head; leaves in hair; or necklace of bones.
  • 2 Hit Points: Animal skull worn on head; sheets of plaited grass or reeds; large necklace of bones, claws, and skulls.
  • 3 Hit Points: At least half of body, or all limbs, striped in blue, black, or green; full animal skin cape with head.

Bounty of the Earth (1 Karma) - You may call forth 3 units of Food, 2 units of Wood, or any one elemental Component, which must be used immediately (no tags).
Guidance (1 Karma) - You may ask a Grey Wanderer to hear your prayers, seeking information on how to proceed in a  matter related to Crafting, Nature, Undead, or Wealth.
Transformation (5 Karma) - After a protracted ritual and various tests over the course of a day, this allows you or another to gain a 1 point Advantage. A character may only benefit from this once, and this may give the character 5 total Advantage points.
Vengeance of Nature (1 Karma) - You gain the skill “Slayer (Undead)” until you next Renew. 

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