How to Make a Spell Packet

So you want a few magical abilities and need some "Spell Packets?" These birdseed beanbags, (called "Dysha" in game at MASI) are used to indicate the target of spells and magic like effects. They are safe, easy to make, easy to carry, and get the job done.

First, gather your materials. You will need cloth, birdseed (it MUST be birdseed - macaroni, ball bearings, gravel, rice, etc. are NOT allowed), scissors, a spoon and rubber bands or string.

First, cut out some squares of cloth. They can be as small as 3 inches by 3 inches (for really tiny spell packets) up to 9 inches by 9 inches for big ones. Experiment to find the size that suits you. I've made a small, medium and large packet here. Big ones throw better, small ones are easier to carry a large number of.

Next, spoon out a pile of birdseed onto each one.

Finally, use the rubber bands or string to secure cloth making a "packet". Don't pack them too tightly - they should be loose so they don't hurt when they hit. Some games require string because rubber bands tighten up too easily.


Using your own personal color/pattern of cloth is a good idea - that way you can tell which ones are yours. You can also decorate them with streamers, but beware, they may get tangled. Plain white packets are often reserved for NPCs, so players use colored ones.