Welcome to The Library of Mystwood

Although the Mystwood Keep is distant from the traditional centers of learning and knowledge it has a very extensive Library. Visions led the great Saint Siventus to a hidden chamber within the ruins of Aquila, not far away from the Mystwood Keep, and within he found a treasure greater than gold- tomes from the Library of Alexapolis, a center of learning in distant Aegyptus founded by Alexa the Great, the most powerful conqueror the world had ever known. Among those Tomes was the Book of Life, a blessed volume that would preserve all those who wrote their name within it from violence and misfortune.

There are still many great books hidden within the ruins, but their recovery is difficult. All manner of evil things live within the decrepit ruins, only true heroes brave enough to venture there. 

Here you can read several texts found within the library. As time goes on, and the library grows this data base will be updated. All in-game references have been removed from these texts. Some sacred verses may grant Karma, others might provide assistance in hedge magic, and others still may include secret clues visible to the trained eye. You may find it convenient to read the texts here, however it would be worth your wile to re-read them in-game where you might find additional material. The texts themselves will also become more extensive with time, as scholars make use of them new information will be discovered.